Oxford Selectman Called The Cop On Other Selectman During Meeting Because She Wouldn’t Shut Up


This is Oxford Selectman Dennis Lamarche.

I know nothing about him or Oxford politics, aside from the story we did exposing their tyrannical lockdown Town Manager Jennifer Callahan for not living in town as she is required to do in her contract. But the other night during a Selectmen meeting Dennis Lamarche when full Karen by calling the cops on another member Selectman named Meaghan Troiano for talking too much, and the video is hilarious. Start watching around the 16:30 mark.

Again, I don’t know who has what politics here, although I assume I don’t like Meghan Troiano because she’s the only one wearing a mask, but calling the cops to have an elected official removed from a meeting because she’s talking too much might be the biggest Karen moment of all time. She’s a woman dude. This is what they do – talk. Just let her rant for a minute and have her “you go girl” moment and move on.

But he couldn’t do that. Instead he called the cops in his Detective Sipowicz short sleeve shirt with tie ensemble.

Things got awkward during the 30 seconds of silence after he hung up and they waited for the po-po to arrive with the paddy wagon.

When the Sergeant got there he probably thought he was being asked to remove an unruly person in the audience. Instead it was bootleg Mr. Clean whining about how another elected official wasn’t listening to him.

“She refuses to listen to me. She’s making a statement that is incorrect.”

Oh no! Not an incorrect statement! No politicians has ever done that before, nor have they ever refused to shut up when it’s their time to shut up! Thank God the cops got there in time or she’d probably still be talking right now! We can now rest easy knowing that the streets are safer in Oxford, thanks to Karen Lamarche.


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