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Pakistani Immigrant Uber Eats Driver Carjacked And Murdered By 2 Black Teen Girls, Media Covers Up Story And Calls It An Accident


Last week in Washington DC a Pakistani-immigrant, grandfather, and Uber Eats delivery driver named Mohammed Anwar was carjacked by a 13 and 15 year old girl. They drove off with him hanging from the car, flipped it over, killed him instantly, and then ran passed his dead body to the stolen car to retrieve their cell phones. It happened in broad daylight and it was all caught on film.

Remember, the biggest problem plaguing this country right now is white supremacy, not rampant crime in American cities and a criminal justice system that keeps dangerous felons on the streets.

If this isn’t the perfect example of everything that is wrong with Washington DC I don’t know what is. This cold blooded murder of a Muslim immigrant has gotten a fraction of the coverage that the shooting in Atlanta got, and substantially less coverage than this received:

A 16 year old boy was widely labeled as a Nazi who deserved to get beaten by the media, pundits, and elected officials. His school was threatened to the point where it had to close. His crime was being a white kid standing there as a grown man who wasn’t white banged a drum in his face. Now in the same city where this transpired two black girls close to his age murdered a person of color. It happened a week ago and no one in the media reported it until some right wingers found the video this weekend, because the killers aren’t white so the story doesn’t fit the narrative. That’s just how things work now.

The car crashed directly in front of National Guardsman who stood there and did nothing.

They are there because our congressmen and women feel “unsafe” due to the fact that 3 months ago a bunch of idiots led by Vegan Viking Man ran into the Capitol and trashed Nancy Pelosi’s office. They are not needed at all, but rather are kept there as a way for our elected leaders to victimize themselves and pretend like they are somehow at risk. Meanwhile, for regular working class people like Mohammed Anwar the National Guardsman do nothing, and can’t prevent folks like him from getting hurt.

This is the same place where the Mayor made writing “black lives matter” in a public street her main priority. Imagine watching this video and thinking that the biggest problem facing crime ridden cities was white police officers killing unarmed black people? Imagine how stupid you have to be to reach that conclusion. Tens of millions of people and every corporation in America got behind that lie this summer. Never forget that.

Speaking of Mayor Muriel Bowser, here’s a tweet she put up the next day but has since removed:

It was Mohammed Anwar’s fault that he was killed because he didn’t reduce the risk of becoming a target. Can’t wait for her tweet about how you can avoid rape by not wearing short skirts in bad neighborhoods. This is why DC can never be a state. Any municipality that elects someone this dumb deserves to be disenfranchised as punishment.

Meanwhile CNN put out this headline:


It was an accident that they carjacked and murdered him. They didn’t mean to do that, it just kind of happened. But remember, TB is the news source that can’t be trusted and isn’t legitimate. CNN is real news.

Why don’t we know these girls’ names? They’re murderers. They were obviously raised by animals who didn’t bother civilizing them at all, and the public has a right to know who they are so they all can be named and shamed. The media had no problem telling us that 14 year old Phillip Chism killed Colleen Ritzer at Danvers High School, so I don’t see what the difference is here.

People like Mohammed Anwar are allegedly the kind of people that the left exists to fight on behalf of. A hard working Muslim man with brown skin who wanted to earn a living, pay taxes, and raise his family in the greatest country on earth.

Unfortunately America is only great in rural and suburban areas, as our cities are run by virtue signaling donkeys who have allowed them to become crime ridden cesspools in an attempt to appease black lives matter terrorists. Mohammed Anwar was safer in Pakistan than in Washington DC, but at least Congressman Jim McGovern feels safe at work and it says black lives matter on a public street. That’s what really matters.

It’s a long shot, but if anyone knows the names of the two murderers feel free to send me an email at [email protected]


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