Palmer Man Pretends To Be Looking For Missing Friend While Hiding His Decomposing Body In Backyard For Over A Week

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A Palmer man named Dylan Tallman was reported missing last week and his family has been looking for him.


This is Dylan’s friend Tyler Petelle, also from Palmer.

And yes, this is typically what most people from Palmer look like.


Tyler’s home on Orchard Street is a well known drug house to police, and both he and Dylan have substance abuse issues. About a week ago the Dauli Pajama¬†posted this on Facebook:

Seemed like Tyler was really concerned about finding his friend Dylan. But as it turns out he knew exactly where Dylan was – dead in Tyler’s backyard. Palmer Police found Dylan’s body there during a well being check on Tuesday. (10)

According to the police report this week from Sgt. Jeremy Haley (my co-defendant in the Rian Waters lawsuit who arrested Rian for beating the mother of his daughter and killing her dog in 2016), Palmer Police are called to 12 Orchard Street all the time (14 times since February for drugs, domestics, and disturbances), and most of the times it involved Tyler. The house is owned by the meth puppets who spawned him – Tim and Donna Petelle – but Tyler is listed as being “in control of the property.”

They also have frequent renters who live there, and everyone in the house seems to be on drugs. On August 16 there was a domestic disturbance involving Donna Petelle and some chick named Alyssa Gonzalez who was living there.

Earlier in September it was reported that residents of the house took a limp body of a woman who had overdosed inside the house and put her into a car, where Tyler and his old man brought her to the hospital. The caller reported drug use and prostitution happening in the house, because apparently Tyler pimps out his girlfriend Sara Seymour, and has strangers come over the drug house and bang her in exchange for money.

Unfortunately it looks like Sara reproduced.

So basically 12 Orchard Street was a fentanyl and fallopian funhouse that operated 24/7.

Sara was featured in a Masslive story in 2010 about heroin, after she lost her job due to addiction and her boyfriend killed himself in jail following a drug arrest. Since then she’s been arrested and charged for a whole bunch of crimes, including A&B on Ambulance Personnel, DUI, driving without a license, drug possession, and more.

According to Sgt Haley’s report Dylan’s body was discovered in a state of decomposition on September 20 during a well being check. No arrests were made at the time, but speculation began to grow on social media. He had last been seen on September 12. Later that day police received calls about threats to Tyler. The next day police were called there again and arrested Tyler for pushing his mother, and during a sweep of the house they found a whole bunch of drugs and shell casings.


Another officer’s report says that Tyler was drunk or high when they got there, and had just broken a bunch of stuff in the house. His mother put him in a headlock but when she tried to call 911 he disconnected the phone. The police also found two people named Heather Szafranski and Chris Ducharme, who rented a room there and somehow didn’t realize there had been a dead body in the backyard for a week.

So basically what most likely happened here was that Dylan was the latest person to overdose on heroin or fentanyl at this well known drug house, he died, and instead of calling 911 Tyler pretended to be looking for him as Dylan’s body decomposed in the backyard.

Just another day in Palmer.

Ironically Tyler posted this last December:


Yea, who knew that fentanyl was deadly? Good thing he kept selling it after posting that.

Underneath that post someone called him out for all the overdoses that took place at his house. Tyler responded in a long winded sentagraph, explaining how it wasn’t a big deal because most of the OD’s were from cocaine that he also sold. He accused the man out for blowing lines of baking soda off his toilet while covered in puke, and then bragged about how he had sex with the man’s junkie girlfriend.

Dude, people pay you money to get their pole polished by your girlfriend in the middle of the street. Probably shouldn’t be bragging about other people’s girlfriends being whores. Just sayin.

Tyler is apparently unable to update his Facebook page because he hasn’t made bail yet from his Wednesday arrest, and his public post has turned into a complete shitshow. His neighbor posted video of what appears to be a drug deal outside the house.


According to her Tyler regularly sells drugs in the middle of the street and his “crusty hoe” Sara gives BJ’s at 2 in the afternoon to random Johns who swing by the house.


According to Sean Krasnecky Dylan’s body was there for 10 days, and he was moved to a shed in the backyard after he OD’d in the house and no one called 911.


Tyler’s parents are of course junkies who also owe people money.


There were plenty of hardos in the comments vowing to get street justice, and bragging about all the things they “would’ve” done to him, if they didn’t have their kids with them.


People began to blame Tyler’s friend Alex Larosa, because they had hung out earlier in the week while Dylan’s body was sitting in the backyard. He claims it wasn’t brought up in conversation though.


Others blamed police for not doing something to the well known drug house, but I’m not sure what they can do besides respond to calls made there.


Then Tyler’s brother showed up in the comments and Dylan’s sister started going after him.

So basically in a house where at least 5 junkies lived together not a single person alerted police that a man had died there a week earlier and his body was moved to the shed in the backyard. The Dalai Pajama pretended to be looking for him on Facebook to throw people off the scent, and apparently his plan was to wait for the body to decompose completely without anyone smelling it or asking any questions.

Just another day in Palmer.


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