Palmer Man Who Pulled Chew And Screw At Local Restaurant Feels Betrayed Blog About Him Did Not Go As Planned, Vows To Hunt Down TB But Refuses To Pay Bill


Yesterday I published a blog about two raw dog ragamuffins from Palmer who pulled a chew and screw at a local restaurant, showed up on the post shaming them to make baseless claims about hair being in their food, and falsely said that they went to the police to report the owners for harassment. In reality they ate half their meals and walked out like the scum baguettes that they are.

If you’ll recall, I played along with this pubestache and pretended to be sympathetic towards him just to see what he would say.

And before Sugar Shane Short Bus (AKA Jason Bravo, AKA Chase Sin) said that he would be “advertising the f***” out of TB Daily News to his massive audience on Snapchat, because he thought I intended on blasting the restaurant that was already struggling to make ends meet due to COVID restrictions.

Then a couple hours later he actually read the blog and reality began to set in that TB was no ally of his.

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I invited him onto the Live show tonight to discuss his issues with the blog, as I do with all ratchets for ratchet redemption hour, but he kept calling me and insisting that he was somehow the victim here.

He vowed to hunt me down repeatedly, and said that he had audio and video of himself at the police station which proved that they told him that he didn’t have to pay for his food. Unfortunately he wouldn’t show me said video because I made a “phony ass statement.”

His alleged innocence hinged around the fact that I did not have a picture of his half eaten food, while ignoring the fact that he failed to take a picture of food with 12 pieces of hair in it. However, he did wish to make it clear that he is in fact a baller and does have the money to pay for the food, he’s just a donkey who would rather stiff a family owned business because he can.

I’m sure that’s all real. And the hand skeleton tatoo he has on his fingers totally isn’t the gayest thing I’ve ever seen at all.

Because I was working I was unable to get back to him right away after he called me 50 times, but he did vow to donate $50 worth of masks to Angel’s Restaurant to make up for the chew and screw.

Just to be clear, you can’t see anything in the tape that he claims you can, nor does he have any followers who are going to do anything. He’s just a broke ratchet from Palmer with a slampig girlfriend who can’t afford to pay for lunch.

He kept promising to run over me too, and even sent me a short video showing a car parked by itself in a lot, which apparently in his mind proved something.

Meanwhile the woman he will one day stiff on child support was quite impressed with the way she came out on the blog and commented briefly on the page.

The question is, will any of them answer when we call them on the live show tonight? Tune it at 9 PM and subscribe to the YouTube channel by clicking here to find out.


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