Pawtucket Single Mom With Biracial Daughter Finds Noose Hung In Garage, Black Neighbor Says He Can’t Trust White People And May Be Standing At Window With Gun


Yet another noose was left as a message to a single mother with a biracial child in Pawtucket over the weekend, and she has bravely come forward to talk about it.

WPRI: “It’s a racial attack against the fact that I have a Black Lives Matter tribute on my front door,” she said. “I have a biracial daughter, and as a white woman and mother and just as a human being, I stand up for the cause.”

The hardest part of the entire ordeal was trying to explain the behavior to her daughter.

“I had to explain to her at that moment, and she instantly filled with fear and shock and it’s not something you want to say as a mother to your 11-year-old child and see the emotions and effect it caused on her,” she said.

Gregory Brunson, one of Coelho’s neighbors, tells Eyewitness News he is in disbelief.

“It sent a surge of shock, adrenaline, anger, terror, fear…it could be somebody in the neighborhood, it could be someone I know, you don’t know who it is, so now you have to look at everyone with a more cautious eye,” Brunson said.

Coelho said that while she’s unsure who may have done it, she knows one thing for sure: it won’t stop her from fighting for her beliefs.

“That sign will remain, my stance remains, my voice remains,” she said. “I put it there for a reason and this is the exact reason. I won’t stand for racism…it’s just tough”

Coelho said her neighbor’s surveillance camera footage is currently being reviewed. The Pawtucket Police Department tells Eyewitness News the incident remains under investigation.


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I’ve seen a lot of fake hate crimes since November 8, 2016. And almost all of them have one thing in common – the “victim” always says something like this:

“That sign will remain, my stance remains, my voice remains,” she said. “I put it there for a reason and this is the exact reason. I won’t stand for racism…it’s just tough”

“This will not be tolerated!”

The ol’ “this is so awful, but I won’t be intimidated or silence because I’m brave and strong” shtick.

Every. Single. Time.

Remember this one?

“I fought the (expletive) back. I’m the gay Tupac.”

We’re still blindly believing that people go around hanging nooses after Jussie Smollett? Good to know he taught us nothing.

Could this be someone actually doing this out of pure hatred that this single Mom has a biracial daughter? I suppose so. But the child doesn’t exactly stand out as biracial.

That kid was targeted for being black in Pawtucket. OK.

Just to review what happened here. The racist guy was really mad when he saw this:

He saw that sign, even though she lives on a dead end road. Instead of tearing the sign down he lugged out some fresh rope, tied a noose, broke into the garage, left no signs of forced entry, hung up the noose, stole nothing inside, didn’t trash anything, and didn’t spray paint racist messages anywhere. Just a quick noose drop off under the cover of darkness.

The American flags surrounding the noose are a nice touch though.

Don’t worry kid, with all the sympathy this is gonna bring to your Mom you’re definitely going to get a new stepdad soon.

Courtney Coelho knows that it happened between 9 PM and 10 AM on Saturday night because she says she found it when she got home from work. If that’s true then the man or woman who did it also knows her work schedule, and knew that the child was not home with a babysitter. This is a world class racist criminal mastermind we are dealing with here.

The neighbor featured on the news wore his favorite shirt for the interview.

And he did a video tour of the garage which he posted on Facebook.

Interesting that there’s no ladder in there, which means the racist criminal also brought his own ladder, knew how tall the ceiling was before going inside, knew she used the garage a lot and would find it, and it means he must’ve been inside the garage at some point beforehand in order to know that he would need a ladder.

Luckily he had zero interest in any of the bikes, even though stealing a child’s bike would probably be much more traumatic for a kid than a noose which they can’t understand the historical significance of. Anyone who ever woke up as a kid and found that their bran new bike was stolen can relate.

Mom also hates attention, which is why she shared it on Facebook, allowed it to be shared hundreds of times, and has posted several times since that the media has run with the story.

Thots and shares!

Now, I’m sure this REALLY happened, but just imagine for a moment that she did it for attention. This is the effect its had on her neighbor from the news clip.

He’s very upset that people haven’t checked up on him yet and he’s now standing at his window holding a gun. After all, him and his white neighbor are civil rights leaders who would be the top targets for the KKK in Rhode Island.

He can’t understand why people would think it was staged!

Yea, why would she stage that? No one has ever made up a fake hate crime in the Trump era. Ever. It’s not like there’s a website called that chronicles all of these. It’s not like we documented a list of 72 proven fake crimes that we’ve blogged about in February of 2019. It’s not like a mother in Claremont, NH with a biracial son with similar complexion made national news and $50K off of a GoFundMe when she said her kid was almost lynched by racist neighbors.

We suspected that was bogus from the beginning, and as it turned out two years later when an investigation was completed, we were right.

No racial taunts or slurs immediately preceded the incident that took place in Claremont two summers ago when an 8-year-old biracial boy suffered injuries to his neck when he was pushed from behind off a picnic table with a rope looped around his neck, state officials said Wednesday.

It’s almost always the single Moms in the crappy towns with the biracial kids.

If you’re still doing the whole, “wHy wOuLd tHeY LiE” thing, you’re just living in an alternative reality. I don’t know what goes through people’s minds either. Sometimes it’s attention and other times it’s for the GoFundMe. But they do it, and they do it a lot. And there’s nothing wrong with questioning it, or assuming it’s not true until you get proof.

But according to her supporters, you’re at fault if you’re skeptical, and the news is at fault for using the word “claims” instead of presenting it as a fact.

There’s nothing virtue signaling white women on the Internet are better at than falling for some bullshit. This is why you couldn’t vote until 1920. Just kidding, but not really.


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