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Peabody Chiropractor Disguises Hidden Bathroom Camera As Toilet Brush Hook, Tries To Lie His Way Out Of It And Continues On With Business Despite Being Charged


This is Peabody Chiropractor Scott Kline, the owner of Back on Track Chiropractic.

He’s a well established, well respected healer who’s worked with people like Olympic Gold Medalist Misty May-Treanor.

At least he was respected. Last week a client used his bathroom and noticed something fishy about a hook that was holding a toilet brush and mounted low. There were blue lights blinking on it, so the client decided to take it off the wall and see what it was. Turns out it was a camera.


According to Boston 25 News the patient discovered it at 12:45 PM last Friday, then went back to retrieve it at 5 PM and it was gone.

The man provided Peabody police with photos and videos of the device, according to the report. An officer watching the video noticed that “two small blue lights are visible on the side of the device indicating that it was powered on.” The video also appears to show the velcro on the back of the device was “worn and dirty, as if it had been removed and reattached frequently,” according to the report.

According to Peabody police, the patient later attempted to retrieve the alleged camera by telling Kline he had forgotten his appointment card and then reentering the bathroom before he left the premises. However, when he went to retrieve the camera, he found it had been removed, according to the report.

Around 5:00 p.m. the same day, the victim’s father and a friend went to confront Kline, according to police. After meeting them outside the building, the victim’s father allegedly showed Kline the footage his son had taken. Kline reportedly didn’t deny the allegations, but begged the man “Please don’t do anything. I have a family,” and asked how they could resolve the situation. The father allegedly told Kline he had “until tomorrow to do the right thing,” before leaving to file the report with Peabody police.

This tells me that when the client came back into his office Scott Kline could tell from his mannerisms that he found the camera. Why else would the toilet brush hook suddenly disappear? Consciousness of guilt.

They always do this “I have a family” nonsense when they’re caught doing something heinous. As if the only people who should be convicted of crimes are childless single people. He tried to get ahead of it by contacting a cop:

Shortly after, Kline allegedly began texting a police officer, informing him there was a misunderstanding. Shortly after 8:00 p.m. Kline allegedly sent the following text message:

“What I wanted to mention to you was that was only being used as a hook and nothing more. It was non-functional no power to it and not being used maliciously at all other than a hook. I honestly didn’t even realize it was there. Please if you have any questions, let me know. I don’t want to start a big terrible fiasco for myself or family for no reason.”

Oh OK. The toilet brush hook you chose to use just happened to have a recording device in it and was powered on, as indicated by the flashing blue lights. I hate when that happens.

Then his inner douchebag came out as he texted the guy who took the video and told him that he wouldn’t pay a blackmail fee, even though no attempt was made to blackmail him:

Around 10:30 p.m., Kline allegedly sent another text, reading:

“What a day. Just wanted you to rest assured that if you look at your video you took. U will see that it was just used as a regular hook there was no power or ability to stream or save anything so not illegal. Im not sure your intentions? But if u are trying to get me to pay U? That will not happen bc I am not participating in anything bad. I apologize that it looked very bad but like I said you will be able to tell and hopefully that will clear my name w you. Hope I am not putting you through anything too. I’ve sacrificed a lot to build my practice and have helped a lot of ppl I hope this wont go past our conversation I am happy to have u go through my computers anytime if u like whatever makes u feel comfortable.”

Once they start talking about all the people they helped they know they’re in trouble. It’s like hiding behind your kids – “You should let me get away with this because I’ve done all these other great things too.” Like if the KKK hosted a pancake breakfast for at risk youth it would get people to look past all the lynchings.

During his interview with police, Kline reportedly admitted to placing the hook in the bathroom but stated he originally purchased it to use as a “nanny cam” to watch his coin collection and that it was not recording at the time it was placed in the bathroom.

That’s your story? You bought the camera to keep an eye on your coin collection and that accidentally put it inside a bathroom toilet brush hook? Let me know how that works out for you.

Then he got caught in another lie.

Police say Kline informed them that he had destroyed the camera in question by stomping on it and flushing it down the toilet. Kline allegedly told police that he had purchased three cameras, throwing two away and using the third to hang the toilet brush in the bathroom. However, using K9s during their search of Back on Track, officers reported finding a hook matching the one depicted in the patient’s video, along with flash drives and hard drives, some containing an “extensive pornography collection,” according to police.

After returning from the search, officers reaffirmed Kline’s statement that he had destroyed the camera and had only purchased three cameras. After being shown the camera officers recovered from the practice, Kline then reportedly told police he must have actually bought four of the items.

Just keep talking your way through it Scott. Things are going great.

Kline told police he kept it for “nostalgia” reasons. After an officer again asked him whether the recovered camera was the one originally discovered, Kline was reportedly non-committal, telling police he wasn’t sure and “maybe.” Kline also declined to provide police the passcode for an encrypted USB drive officers had recovered at his business, police say. Kline reportedly said that there was nothing on the storage device before telling officers that work-related info may be on it when investigators questioned why it had a passcode.

Pro tip – next time just ask for a lawyer and don’t say anything. Narcissists always believe they can talk their way out of anything because they’re incapable of seeing how the world perceives them.

They did find a bunch of homemade porn, which isn’t illegal. But….

The police report also states investigators who search the practice found hundreds of homemade images and videos of “many women in different stages of undress and involved in sexual activity.” Police also reported finding a list of 117 women alongside their names, ages, number of sexual encounters, location of the sexual encounters and comments about their performance in the encounters.

Some of the photos show Kline engaging in sexual encounters at the practice, including on exam tables, according to police. Officers determined the photos and videos on the hard drives were determined to be consensual and did not take them from the establishment.

The most remarkable part about this is that a man this small and this dorky found 117 women who were willing to have sex with him on camera.

For the record, I don’t care how many women this guy slept with and whether or not he made consensual porn.  But can you not get love juices all over the tables where your clients have to lie down on the next day? I think the police put this in their report not because it strengthens their case, but to embarrass him because they think he’s a douchebag. Now I get why he said he had a family to protect. He didn’t want them finding out he banged 117 women in the office and kept a rating system for them on a file.

Anyway, his plan is apparently to pretend like none of this happened and hope his clients didn’t see it on the news. NBC caught him on the way out of work Wednesday.

Oh look, now he’s hiding behind his cute dog too.

Many clients received this text message from him.

“I would not be here right now if what they were saying is true.”

Seriously dude, say less. Your inner narcissist is showing. The only reason your office is open is because they didn’t find any videos you had saved of your clients on the pooper.  (And the way the camera was set up to the left hand side of the toilet it was much more likely to show male genitalia than it was female). I get the consensual porn thing, but what kind of dude gets off to people defecating?

Scott, the fact of the matter is that you had an active camera in the bathroom which was removed four hours later. You knew you were in trouble and you asked the guy not to go public with it. When he made it clear he was going to anyway you made yourself the victim by suggesting that he was blackmailing you. You got caught in a bunch of lies and then told more lies to try to weasel your way out of it. I don’t ultimately know if they’re gonna nail this guy without videos of people on doing their business, but everyone knows this guy is a sexual deviant because the camera was in there in the first place. And he deserves to be publicly named and shamed so that potential future clients are aware of who the guy is that’s touching them.


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  1. I thought everyone uses a nanny-can as a toilet brush hook, no?

    The guy just had to do this because there’s like no legal pornography on the internet.

  2. Anyone remember the lady in the Camry on the side of 93 south? Camera caught her mid poop, was hilarious. Another T B classic! This guy, just a piece of poop.

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