Peabody High School Principal And Teacher’s Union Force Teacher To Remove Mural Outside Classroom Honoring Murdered Cops Because It Offended Teachers And Students


This is Greg Schidler, a Special Ed teacher at Peabody High School.

Greg started a wall outside of his classroom 5 years ago commemorating officers nationwide who were killed in the line of duty.

He updates it every year.

Last week the school and teachers union told him to remove it because some students complained and said they were “feeling threatened” by a wall honoring heroes who died protecting society from dangerous criminals. Other staff members reportedly called it racist, the union warned teachers not to contact the media, and he was directed to take it down. A Peabody police officer posted about it on Friday.

The Mayor and a member of the School Committee had to get involved before a “compromise” was reached.

I appreciate Greg’s optimism, but the mere fact that he had to move it means it was not a victory. There is zero reason for that to be removed from outside his room. None. It’s not offensive to anybody, and if it were a mural honoring people murdered by cops it would be allowed to stay up. The appropriate response to any teacher or student who complained about this was to tell them to kindly have a coke and a smile and shut up. It’s really that simple. But we’re living in a world where you can’t tell people “no” for fear of being persecuted by the woke mob. Giving them an inch is a victory for them. Now that the mural is no longer outside of his classroom it will be easier for the school to eventually remove it altogether.

Sources tells us that the two people who orchestrated this were Peabody teacher’s union president Mary Henry and principal Steven Magno. A quick look at her profile shows you that she’s fully invested in the cop-hating organization known as black lives matter, which seeks to abolish the police, prisons, capitalism, and the nuclear family.

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On Principal Magno’s Twitter account you can find him liking and retweeting BLM propaganda, including stuff about how white educators” can do more besides “buy antiracist books and follow brown folks.”



A list of “anti-racism resources” for educators.

Stuff about how schools need to address “equity issues” by using “restorative justice circles” instead of traditional methods of disciplining kids when they break the rules. Restorative justice is a fancy term for “not suspending kids who violate serious school rules,” presumably because disciplining black and brown kids is racist.

And posts about how schools can change their grading systems to “combat racism,” because grading is also racist.

It’s Magno’s first year on the job at Peabody, so he probably feels like telling a teacher to take down a mural honoring dead cops is the safer, less controversial thing to do. And in a world without TB Daily News that would probably be true, because we know the mainstream media would never cover a story like this. Schools are afraid to do anything that would offend BLM, so we have to start making them feel afraid to do stuff like this by making the backlash twice as bad. Feel free to send Principal Magno and superintendent Josh Vadala a respectfully worded email to let them know that attacks on law enforcement like this won’t be tolerated either.

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