Peabody School Committee Member Joe Amico Says Only “Good Kids” Who Get Forced Vaccine Can Remove Masks


This is Peabody School Committee member Joe Amico.

As you can see he looks like every basic bro from Peabody who recently kicked a bad Oxycontin addiction ever.

At a recent School Committee meeting Joe decided to share his thoughts about mandated vaccines and masking for kids age 5-11, in light of the news that the FDA has approved the jab, around the 2:40 mark.



“If the commissioner is going to mandate masks they probably should mandate vaccines at this point.”

If they can make kids cover their faces with a cloth, which does nothing to stop the transmission of COVID, then we might as well make them get vaccinated for a virus that presents no threat to them, since that also seems to do nothing to stop the spread of COVID. It’s just science guys. Listen to the scientist.

My 6 year old daughter got COVID the first week of school, despite the forced masking, and now has natural immunity because of it. But yea, lets allow the government and simpleton boobs like Joe Amico to force her to inject something into her body that she doesn’t need, won’t protect her from a virus that didn’t even make her sick, and isn’t nearly as effective as natural immunity, in order to be eligible to receive a public education. Good thinking Joe!

Then of course he brought race into it.

“A lot of these cities that are removing their masks are wealthy white cities and towns. We can’t have this class warfare again. The MCAS for 20 years, it was the haves and have nots. And now we’re gonna have the wealthy cities without masks and the rest of us with masks. It’s just not fair.”

Communists pretend to want fairness and equality, but they actually hate those things because fairness and equality don’t always yield “equity.” That’s what they really want – equality of outcomes. The MCAS is racist because predominantly white suburban towns do better on it. Allowing kids in white suburban towns to remove their masks isn’t fair because communists in slightly more diverse places like Peabody won’t allow their kids to breathe fresh air.

Here’s an idea Joe – if you’re worried about “class warfare” and the unfairness of kids in Peabody being forced to wear masks while kids in Middleton and Lynnfield are not, you could always just not force your kids to wear masks. Turns out the “class warfare” is entirely a result of your own failures as a leader.

Then there was this Orwellian thought:

“All the good kids who have been vaccinate and wanna remove their masks, then let’s let them do that at that point.”

Don’t be mad at Joe. He’s just the moron with the big mouth who became the first person to say it out loud, but they’ve all been thinking it for a while. This is what’s coming next – good kids are the ones who do what science experts like Joe Amico tell them to do, bad kids listen to their Q-Anon parents and depend on their immune system to fight off viruses they may or may not get in the future.

According to the most recent CDC update between 0.00% and 0.03% of all child COVID cases resulted in death, and children make up 0.00% to 0.26% of all COVID deaths.

Therefore good kids will put big pharma juice into their bodies to protect them against a virus that has almost no chance of killing them, even if they have natural immunity which is more effective than the vaccine could ever be. Science experts like Joe Amico have thought this through.

What Joe failed to point out, because clearly reading is not something he excels at, is that CDC members who voted to approve the vaccine don’t think it should be mandated for kids, and should only be used for kids with comorbities.

“This vaccine should be available to those parents who are very eager [for their child] to get it, because their child has a comorbidity or because they’re concerned themselves,” said Cody Meissner, a professor of pediatrics at Tufts University School of Medicine, before voting to recommend the shot.

“I’m just worried that if we say yes that the states are going to mandate administration of this vaccine to children in order to go to school, and I do not agree with that,” he added. “I think that would be an error at this time until we get more information about the safety.”

Joe Amico wants to live in a world where kids are taught that they are good if they blindly do what the government tells them to do, and bad if they question anything. This has been the foundation of every fascist and communist government that has ever existed. Children in Germany in the 1930’s were taught that they were good if they turned in their parents or Jewish neighbors, but they were bad if they objected. This is the kind of world communists like Joe Amico want. Hope you’re prepared to resist them, because they won’t stop until you force them to stop.


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