Peaceful Protesters Against Monica Cannon-Grant’s Racism Assaulted, Threatened With Gun Violence By BLM At Grand Opening Of Violence In Boston Headquarters


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Today Rayla Campbell and I showed up to protest racism and to affirm that all black lives matter, including conservative women like Rayla who have had their lives threatened by racists like Monica Cannon-Grant. Systemic racism is rampant if someone who has said the racist things Monica Cannon-Grant has said can be held in such high regard by Mayor Walsh, the mainstream media, several city councilors, Joe Kennedy, and all the major corporations who gave grant money to this woman:

I livestreamed the entire protest but had to stop once all gang members showed up and my battery got low (they don’t make mophies for the iPhone X last I saw). I apologize for filming vertically, it’s just much easier.

First guy I saw was Tito Jackson – Monica’s sugar daddy who ran and lost to Marty Walsh for Mayor in 2017.

He attempted to kick us out because it wasn’t “open to the public,” and only press that was friendly to Monica Cannon-Grant was allowed to be there.

He denied knowing who Rayla Campbell was because conservatives are barely human to these people, due to the anti-conservative systemic bias that is so prevalent in American cities like Boston.

Jackson also said he hadn’t seen the tape above, so we played it over the loudspeaker for him. When I informed him that associating with MCG was promoting racism he laughed, because the idea that a black woman is capable of being racist is laughable to him.

The peaceful protesters stated that Violence in Boston needed better leadership, which led to a brief exchange at the 11 minute mark.

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Tito – “We get to choose our leaders.”

UT: – “Who chose Monica? Was she the one who yelled the loudest? Who elected her?

Boom. Roasted.

A moral victory was declared at the 13:00 mark when they had to bring the podium inside and prematurely cut the ribbon.


At the 14:50 mark we were confronted by a some sort of non-binary thing who apparently gets his hair done at the same place as Monica, and got up in Rayla’s face and told her what a disgrace she was to black women for being conservative. He wouldn’t talk to me, but then all of a sudden decided to engage once he figured out that his cell phone has a record function as well.

At the 18:15 mark Monica’s gang banging adult son showed up and made his entrance, because Violence in Boston is his cash cow too.

I notice that he wore his favorite color blue, which he also wears in rap videos where he threatens to murder people in Boston.

At the 24:55 mark I was asked why I wasn’t wearing a mask and kindly informed them that I don’t do that. As a social justice advocate I understand that racism is a much larger public health threat than COVID, which is why Monica’s 50K person march was allowed in the first place.

Monica arrived like the Queen of England at the 27:45 mark, as she got out of the backseat and romped up the stairs for the most exercise she’s had in months.

Things got interesting at the 28:55 minute mark when our first hardo showed up in a BMW, jumped out of the car, and had to be held back by several people as he tried to get to the peaceful protesters.

If your clientele has to be held back at the grand opening of your non-profit called Violence in Boston, then perhaps it might be you and your friends who are the source of the violence.

A minute later Grandmaster Doordash showed up and gave us the international symbol for “I’m strapped” by lifting up his shirt at the peaceful protesters.

Bruh, you’re wearing high socks and puke green cargo shorts. You are way too old to be the muscle they call to intimidate peaceful protesters at 11 AM on a Monday.

Hardo Harry had left, but then ten minutes later at the 38:30 mark I noticed that he had flanked us from behind and was creeping up on Rayla.

She wasn’t having it and he got up in her face.

Same energy.

Then he got up in the face of another peaceful protester before assaulting a woman by throwing her sign down at her face and having to be held back from punching her.

Poor guy can’t afford a belt. No wonder he’s mad.

As Rayla continued to blast Monica’s words about riding white penis towards the opening ceremony we noticed that the cops who were there before were suddenly gone and we were all alone.

Another man stood with his arms crossed staring us down and we noticed we were quickly being surrounded.

At that point we knew it was time to leave so we called the police who helped escort us safely out of there as I began filming again.

I don’t know what ended up happening but Hardo Harry certainly should’ve been arrested for assault.

Meanwhile inside Monica gave a speech and pretended like we weren’t getting to her as her unfortunate shirt/muumuu begged for mercy.

When will the Boston Globe cover the violence in Boston that comes out of Violence in Boston INC? When will elected officials denounce the most racist person in Boston instead of pretending that she’s some sort of champion for black people? Maybe never. But we won’t stop calling her out, and so long as she continues to have public events like this we will continue to peacefully protest and disrupt them. Not so fun when your tactics are used against you.


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