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Peaceful Protesters Assaulted By BLM And Antifa While Attempting To Drown Out Monica Cannon-Grant’s Hate Speech With Sirens At BPD Headquarters


On Tuesday I joined Rayla Campbell, Leigha Genduso, and a dozen other turtle riders at Boston Police Headquarters in Roxbury to protest Monica Cannon-Grant’s racism and violent threats. It was a wild day and Rayla and Leigha joined me on the live show that night to discuss what happened. Subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here and never miss an episode.

I live streamed it in sessions and I’ll give you a quick rundown. In Part 1 I was confronted by the worst troll in the history of humanity – Brian Riccio.

As you can see he came dressed as chemotherapy Fonz and wore his favorite pair of broken sunglasses.

He double bagged it with the masks, which unfortunately his parents chose not to do.

Bitchio kept trying to get close to me, but luckily I brought my social distancing downspout which also doubles as a lightweight protesting stick.

Same guy who tried and failed to get a harassment order against a turtle rider this summer.

In Part 2 Rayla and I get interviewed by Fox 25 News, which was set up to interview Monica, who clearly wasn’t showing up because she knew we were there. This is when we began getting heckled by BLM, including Monica’s gangsta rapper son’s godfather, who of course describes himself as an “activist” and hated Rayla because she’s conservative, which was exactly why were protesting to begin with. Leigha showed up with her dog at one point, and Master IEP got the poor thing all upset with his tone and volume. My speech about Monica’s institutional racism begins at the 29:50 mark.

They accused me of being racist towards Monica’s gangsta rap son, and according to the Godfather the rap music is an “art form” and “there’s a method behind the music brotha.” They also told me I couldn’t have an opinion because I was from Worcester County.

In Part 3 we moved to the side of the building because all the protesters went down there and rumor was Monica would soon be arriving. We found nothing but white nationalist Antifa blocking our way and dancing to ethnic music.

Grantifa and I got off to a rocky start because it looked like she was trying to block my way to get to the microphones.

We ended up hitting if off later though. Nice lady, and she repeatedly kept trying to keep the peace.

The wall of Antifa was clearly angry at the world because no one would go to the prom with them. Many of them were wearing their Antifa issued combat boots and walkie talkies that my kids use after building a fort.

These losers are like a walking poster child for the importance of the two parent family. Each and every one of them was there to defend the most racist person in Boston. They had nothing to say about Monica’s comments about Rayla “riding white penis for a credit score” or blowing someone’s head off. Each and every one of them is a white supremacist, Nazi, and racist. They all deserve to be named, shamed, and cancelled, and they will be in a blog coming shortly.

I was prepared to go home at that point because I thought Monica would never show her face and was an hour and a half late anyway. In my mind we had won. We ruined her day and prevented a racist from spewing hate speech.

Then out of nowhere I felt the earth literally shaking as this parade of elephants came walking in. It was Monica’s security team with her in the middle. I had no idea what was about to happen, but immediately Rayla and Tony Fed began blaring the sirens on their megaphones as loudly as possible. It was then that things began to get real.

This was iconic.

That about sums up the two sides. A black woman who was called racial slurs and had her life threatened because she wanted to run for congress, and a spoiled white trust fund baby white nationalist preventing her from walking in a free country. Look at these freaks.

No wonder they’re mad.

The best video was part 5. Twice during this one I was touched, and I don’t like being touched which I made quite clear.

These people think they have the right to block you from walking on a public sidewalk, but no one appointed them to anything. If I could do it again I would’ve ran right through them. This is a generation of people who have never been punched in the face before, which is why they act like this. Luckily for them I don’t punch people in the face because I’m a non-violent civil rights icon, but I was tested. I tried getting through the front line of pawns, but by that point they had called in the armored tank division.

Refrigerator Dairy was not letting me get to the goal line unless I Ron Dayned her. I tried to get past her but unfortunately due to her obvious advantage in the category of mass, this became difficult as she moved wherever I moved.

Finally I found a crevice to slip through which is when she grabbed me and I informed her that this was unacceptable.

Next thing you know I see this.

That right there is the face of black lives matter. An Aryan white supremacist still upset with her stepdad Keith for drinking the last of the Mountain Dew, wearing a defund pigs mask.

So I tried to outflank them by going around when this serial virgin jumped in my way.

Luckily for him Grantifa jumped in because I had zero problem driving my freedom plow through him.

This gentleman, who looks like the husband in every cuckhold video ever made, apparently took his grandmother’s wallpaper and turned it into a jacket.

Notice we’re inches from these people’s faces. That’s when this woman offered me a free mask.

I informed her that I don’t do masks, and she told me that I should because she previously had COVID and almost died. The world would probably be a better place without her, but she was clearly lying because:

  1. She’s young and not morbidly obese
  2. If she nearly died form COVID she would NEVER step face to face with someone not wearing a mask.

But none of these people are afraid of COVID. Nobody is actually afraid of COVID. Literally nobody. Videos like this prove that it’s all just performative. Yet we’re cancelling Halloween and destroying the lives of children so people like this can feel virtuous by wearing a mask.

I looked around and the Antifa mounted patrol had us surrounded with their grandmother’s bikes.

They were preventing people from leaving and put hands on a turtle rider.


We provoked no violence and no one on our side laid any hands on them, although we would’ve been justified, because we are better than them.

Speaking of dogs, Bitchio kept following me around the whole time until a chick came over with a dog and made him poop in the pants his successful Apple executive brother bought for him.

Never forget that Brian Riccio is scared of girls.

I think my personal favorite was watching this Anqueefa try and fail to stop the sound of a megaphone using her bare hands.

Some people said they weren’t fans of the sirens, but I was. People like Monica need to get a taste of their own medicine. They’ve been yelling over people and silencing those they disagree with for years. We were in their heads, and it was clear watching videos from where they were standing that they will never forget us.



Stay tuned for the next blog where we will be meeting some of these creatures.


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