Perpetually Unemployed Lowell Mom Who Uses Kids To Solicit Donations She Sells On Facebook Asks Strangers To Deliver Food, TVs, Microwave, Laptop, Phone, And Other Necessities


This is Jesstina Moschetto, more commonly known as Gums and Roses, and the perpetually unemployed but able bodied man who impregnated her from Roxbury.

We usually do a blog on her once a year around this time (December 4 last year and December 3, 2018) when she uses her kids as bait to post a sob story in a community Facebook group that will get her donations that she then resells on other  community Facebook pages.

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All of her family photos conspicuously have the type of furniture you’d expect to see in the DCF visitor’s room, and she added another baby to the equation this year because obviously she’s in a fine position to keep reproducing. She also shared an image last year of her kid’s enjoying a very nice Christmas, that was likely provided by a shelter or some sort of other charity while she sold all the donations.

Oh, and the baby randomly was in the hospital over the summer using her taxpayer funded healthcare after he mysteriously found his face covered in bruises as a result of a freak baby carriage collapse.

Oh good, she’s also negligent and incompetent and doesn’t know how to use a stroller properly, resulting in her baby son’s face looking like an Amish woman who express strong opinions at the dinner table. And she can’t get him to doctor’s appointments because she has no car or money.

Good thing she’s allowed to be the mother to these kids.

This year she appeared again as she usually does on the first weekend of December to beg for more stuff that she will inevitably sell and never give to her children. However, she’s too well known in Boston at this point so she had to go north to Lowell in order to scam new people. And this year she’s greedier than ever. Check out the messages she sent one woman who naively volunteered to help her out on a Chelmsford Free Stuff Facebook group.

I personally would’ve told her to f** off the moment she said, “What about everything else I just wanted.” Sorry Gums n Roses, but if you want to acquire all the things a normal mother provides for her children on their own, you’re gonna have to find a different woman to scam. All she’s got is an ice tray.

Of course she’s unwilling to even come and get the free stuff herself because there’s no way in Hell she has a car or a license, and she demands contactless delivery. Oh, and while you’re at it can you bring toiletries, hygiene products, cleaning supplies, children’s clothes, pullups, shoes, clothes for her, frozen food,  fridge food, stove food, microwave food, microwaves, canned goods, drinks, toys, books, tablets, TV’s, phones, laptops, shower curtains, electronics, mops, and a partridge in a pear tree?

In a normal world people would be embarrassed to ask strangers for help providing them with literally everything a human being needs to survive. But we live in a world where public shaming is frowned upon, and this is the result. It’s also why the world needs Turtleboy – because every normal person reading that wants to tell this woman exactly what we’re saying right now.  I can’t believe ayone would respond back to this with anything but “get your own shit you lazy waste of space,” but I guess some people are just nicer and more gullible than I am.

Gums n Roses wasn’t done yet though. She also wanted this complete stranger to stop at Target and get her a birthday cake, a gift card, and a birthday present so that she can resell it all on Facebook marketplace.

Here’s an idea – get a job. Or better yet – tell Kimbo Lice to get one so that you don’t have to beg strangers for stuff that parents are supposed to provide for their children on their own. You’re not in “tough times” if you perpetually find yourself in this position every year. You’re just lazy and getting way too comfortable mooching off others.

I decided to DM Gums n Roses and offer her free stuff as well, and she sent me the same list she sent that other woman. Except I also offered her one more thing I have a feeling she won’t be asking for or accepting – a job offer.

Surprisingly she had zero interest in that and just wanted me to send her money.




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