Plainfield Mother Arrested For Driving Drunk On Wrong Side Of I-95 Professes Innocence On Facebook Then Gets Another DUI Later That Night


Amy Peterson is a mother of 2 from Plainfield, CT.

Plainfield is in the “Quiet Corner” of Connecticut, that you cut through on your way to the casino and ask yourself, ” Who would ever live here?”

The answer is of course, ratchets. Lots of them. And despite being a mother Amy isn’t ready to give up her party girl days.



On Friday she got blackout drunk and had herself quite the adventure on I-95 in Groton while driving the wrong way.

The footage is wild.

As you can see, she has one too many wobbly pops and started driving on the wrong side of the highway, ignoring the state trooper who tried to block her. Finally she realized something was up when a cop car going in reverse with its blue lights on was a hundred yards in front her and she finally pulled over. Luckily it was 3 AM and no one got killed on this otherwise busy interstate that connects New York to Boston.

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After an episode like this it’s generally a bad idea to show up in the comments section during your public shaming to defend yourself, but the Twisted Teabagger felt the need to explain to the public all the various ways she dindu nuffin. She stated that she passed all the sobriety tests.

And she wasn’t drunk, nor was it her fault. She just pulled a Michael Scott and did what the Google machine told her to do, since she’s not from the area.

She’s not familiar with the area, even though she works in neighboring Norwich and has probably been on that highway a thousand times.

It’s all good though because she knows “Ronald” the Mayor and he’s going to take care of it.

“They are mad cuz I have been dealing with the mayor who is displeased.”

She has connections to the Mayor. The Mayor of what? Doesn’t matter. She just knows people, and those people always let her off the hook when she drives drunk the wrong way on an interstate.

And pay no attention to that police dashcam video showing her driving the wrong way on the highway while the trooper starts driving in reverse so that she doesn’t smash into him until she realized what was happening and pulled over, because the video actually exonerates her somehow.

According to her she stopped on her own before the cops arrived, so that video showing police lights from inside a police car were a figment of your imagination.

The only reason you see the officer go in reverse is because he passed her and she was already stopped.

You just have to ignore the fact that the video shows the trooper going in reverse while she was still barreling down the highway like a Kennedy on their way home from a boarding school graduation party.

Let’s be clear here – she’s the victim.

How was she mistreated? Sexual assault of course.

And because she’s white.

Yes, the only reason you were arrested was because the cops hate white people. It had nothing to do with the fact that you were white girl wasted on the wrong side of the highway.

She also blames the police for giving her COVID.

And believes that she is the victim of social media bullying.

Then the very next night this happened.

This is what 48 hours of puke and rally does to the human body.


There are functional drunk drivers who had one too many glasses of wine with dinner, and then there is the Twisted Teabagger. A woman who got arrested for drunk driving and then proceeded to spend an entire day sobering up by defending her honor and proclaiming her innocence dozens of times on a WINY Radio Facebook post, does it all over again just a few hours later.

And of course she had to chime in again, except she wasn’t making up excuses.

She just stuck with the “I’m being bullied by the Internet because I’m such a flaming bag of soiled diapers and broken dreams.”

Same time next week. And if Amy wants to come on the live show to explain all the various ways the cops got this one wrong she is free to hit me up on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected]


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