Plus Sized Cumberland School Committee Member Says Kids Must Wear Masks Because She’s Scared She Will Die From COVID Despite International Travel And Big Family Weddings


This is Cumberland, RI School Committee member Amy Rogalski.

A few weeks ago she flew to Turks and Caicos with her husband and had such a good time that she didn’t wanna leave.

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Then they went to a big wedding for one of his cousins.

You would think that someone who travels to foreign countries and goes to big family weddings wouldn’t be afraid of COVID, but Amy is now using her power on the School Committee to force children to wear masks because she claims to be afraid of the virus. Watch.

“Yea the numbers doesn’t sound like a lot, but what scares me looking at it, and yea I am scared. I’m overweight. If I get COVID, chances are I’d probably die. And that’s how I spent the last year living. I’m vaccinated now, I feel a lot better, but I am scared of this. I’m looking around I’m the wife of a physician, my husband sees patients and God knows what he brings home to the house. I am afraid, and I think it’s OK to be afraid.”

She spent the last year scared. So scared that she went to weddings and got on planes for leisurely international travel. All of the people telling you to be afraid of coronavirus are not afraid of coronavirus. They are shameless, power hungry tyrants, and they don’t mind abusing your children. They are not your friend, they are your enemy and should be treated as such.

I cannot believe I am living in a country where this self described fat chick thinks 5 year olds should be muzzled in school because she’s too lazy to exercise and diet. If our country wanted to get serious about saving lives and was willing to violate civil liberties to do that (which they are) then they’d force all the fat people into camps until they lost weight or this thing was over. But instead the burden was put on children and people who were responsible in taking care of themselves, who the virus does not present a serious threat to, so that cheesehogs like Amy wouldn’t be scared. If you’re scared of dying then start training for a half marathon instead of gorging yourself on vacation. Most people are afraid to say this because it’s insensitive, but this woman is actively trying to hurt children so I could really care less if her feelings are hurt.

I want to make it clear that I have nothing against fat people. What I do have a problem with is fat people dictating how the rest of us are supposed to live, and lecturing us about responsible health precautions. You don’t have to be fat. Nothing is stopping her from exercising and dieting. But when Dr. Fauci tells us to wear a mask and close down the gyms, what kind of message does that send to people like her?

For the record, she’d be fine if she got COVID too. Even the vast majority of the plus sized community survives the virus. She’s also vaccinated, which makes it almost impossible for her die from COVID. But most importantly, she’s not scared of COVID.


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