Police Chief Jason Collier Arrested By Texas Rangers, Resigns, Mistress Responds To Allegations She Bailed Him Out And Claims Made My Ex-Husband


World famous Stinnett, TX Police Chief Jason Collier was arrested by Texas Rangers and resigned yesterday, and is currently being charged with tampering with a government document with the intent to defraud for signing his wife’s name to a fake annulment document, which he used to convince women to have sex with him.

Former Stinnett Police Chief Jason Collier was arrested Thursday after being placed on administrative leave Wednesday. The City of Stinnett Facebook page confirmed Collier has resigned. Hutchinson County Sheriff Blaik Kemp said Collier was arrested by the Texas Rangers and taken to the Hutchinson County Jail. Texas Department of Public Safety Sgt. Cindy Barkley said on Tuesday, the Hutchinson County District Attorney’s office asked the Texas Rangers to conduct a criminal investigation into Collier.

“Collier allegedly sent a text message to the victim with a fraudulent government record attached. The document was a fraudulent marriage annulment,” said Sgt. Barkley.

Sgt. Barkley said Collier was charged with tampering with a government document with the intent to defraud, a state jail felony. She said Collier’s bond was set at $10,000.

Don’t mess with Texas. In Massachusetts this would’ve dragged on for months, but in Texas they don’t just let you bring shame upon your hometown by being an internationally known philanderer like that. Also, only in Texas do they let the people they’re interviewing hold the microphone.

That is exactly what I imagined everyone from Stinnett, TX looks like.

I discussed this last night on the Live show (subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here and tune in every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday night at 9 PM EST, and subscribe on iTunes by clicking here).


Collier has since been bailed out of jail.

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There are several large Facebook groups dedicated to discussing Jason Collier, which has been a much needed distraction from Trump, the Capital riots, and the incoming Biden administration’s shenanigans. Be warned though, you can spend hours in there once you start going down the rabbit hole.

In these groups it’s important to be careful and vet everything you see as millions of bored housewives coming together to play detective can sometimes lead you down the wrong path. One of the rumors in these groups was that mistress #2, Kristi Shaffer from Kansas, bailed him out and plans to stay with him. I called her last night during the Live show at the 52 minute mark and she adamantly denied this.

“Even engaging in that is victim shaming.”

Not so sure about that. However, there is an entire Facebook group dedicated to shaming Kristi called “Kristi Shaffer, a Netflix documentary,” and this is the post she recently made that they seem to be using as evidence.

She never stated that she bailed him out in there, she just said that she forgave him and mentioned Jesus a bunch of times. Jason Collier used his minister status as a way to prey on God fearing women like this who were easily manipulated and would agree to marry him just two weeks after meeting. This isn’t the sort of lie that will get you laid in Massachusetts, but I guess in the Texas panhandle it’s pretty effective.

Notice at the end there she shares a link to donate to the Teen Challenge of Monterey Bay INC. Many have alleged that this is a teenage gay conversion organization. According to their website:

The purpose of Teen Challenge Monterey Bay, is to “evangelize people who have life-controlling problems and initiate the discipleship process to the point where the student can function as a Christian in society applying spiritually motivated biblical principles to relationships in the family, local church, chosen vocation and the community. Teen Challenge endeavors to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well and spiritually alive.”

According to this Google review from a pansexual (whatever that is), they are indeed a conversion therapy center.

There is no shortage of links you can find of people complaining about this place.

Others disagree.

Kristi’s ex-husband Dann with 2 n’s is also alleging that she won’t allow him to see her children and created a GoFundMe to pay for a lawyer prior to this story getting so much attention.

Divorce is often messy and complicated, and it’s no secret that women have the advantage when it comes to custody in most states. I don’t know any of these people so I’ll reserve judgment for later, but personally I wouldn’t put that the judge called me a deadbeat in a GoFundMe if I was trying to elicit sympathy. Just sayin.

Dann happens to look a lot like Jason Collier and has a new girlfriend as well.

Kristi refutes these allegations and says she’s protecting her family.

Others are posting pictures of posts between Kristi’s mother and sister and are suggesting that this means Kristi can’t be trusted.

Meanwhile, Kristi’s son Ethan has nothing but bad things to say about his mother.


Kristi has also been making jokes about her kids not liking Jason Collier, which is completely understandable since he is a sociopath and the only person in the family who couldn’t figure out he was a scam artist was her.

I spoke with Ethan Shaffer this morning and he is contemplating coming on the Live show tomorrow night to discuss this further (click here to subscribe, show starts at 9). Ethan is the oldest and lives in Oklahoma with his father.

You would think that Jason Collier will have a hard time finding women who are willing to take a ride on the Jurassic pork, but the Internet is a magical place.

So he could rebound quickly. His legal future remains a different matter though.



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