Police Chief Jason Collier Under Investigation By Stinnett PD For Viral Cheating Scandal, New Girlfriends Come Forward, Ex-Wife Speaks Out


Yesterday’s blog on Stinnett, TX Police Chief Jason Collier briefly shut down the website due to the abnormally high traffic volume. Evidently there was large interest from across the country for a story about a police officer who was caught cheating on his wife after at least 3 women he proposed to found each other on Facebook. The blog is easily the most widely read in TB history, and will likely cross 1 million page views today. But since the  publication of the blog even more information has come out about Collier.

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1. The City of Stinnett (not sure how a place with 1,800 can be a city) released a statement that their new chief is suspended while they investigate.

It’s not against the law to cheat on your wife (he’s hardly the first cop to do so), and normally I wouldn’t blog about infidelity since it’s none of my business. But he forged an annulment certificate, including his wife’s signature, and that may be problematic. He was also accused by Cecily Steinmetz of traveling to her home in Amarillo while on the clock.


2. The City of Stinnett advertised for the job he applied for a year ago on Facebook and he was sworn in by a judge.



3. Multiple other women have come forward and claimed to be his girlfriend, which begs the question – can Jason Collier teach classes on time management for parents? Asking for a friend. Several Facebook groups have been created that have shared some of this gossip, including timelines of women who claim to have dated or were married to Collier.


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4. Not all of these can be confirmed. A woman named Heather Owen claimed to be dating him, was also promised that they would move to Wyoming together, and had the fake annulment papers sent to her.


5. A woman named Brenna Lauderdale from Texas who met him on a dating app was making plans to see him but never did, presumably because he was busy with his children. We know now that he couldn’t fit her in with the other mistresses.


6. Many have speculated that he was dating a woman who disappeared in 2019 named Lauren Thompson. However, this is not true.


7. Jason’s first wife and the mother of his children has asked the Internet to stop talking about the viral sensation.


8. The cause of Jason’s sex appeal to every woman in flyover country is still unknown, but one can only speculate that his overworked bologna baton can work wonders. Perhaps it’s because he lost a significant amount of weight and feels like a champion.


9. Unconfirmed and debunked rumors were spread about by a woman named Amanda Smith, claiming to be his wife. These are not true.


10. Kristi Shaffer, his mistress/fiance from Kansas, has removed all of her comments from the original post on Cecily’s Facebook page. Last night she responded to my invitation to come on the live show tonight to discuss this soap opera, and said she would. However, she has not responded to me today. Regardless, we will be going live at 9 PM, and you can watch by subscribing to our YouTube channel here


11. He got married to Opal (current wife) in blue jeans.


12. The memes are great.




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