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Poor Behavior

Police Seek Identity Of Man Caught On Film Having Sex With Horse At Norfolk Equestrian Farm


Here’s a rather disturbing story to start your Friday from Turner Hill Equestrian in Norfolk, involving a man going full Tom Mountain on a horse.

This dude f***ed a horse. There’s really not much else I can say. He f***ed a horse. He was so dedicated to doing this that he set his alarm for 4 AM so he could get his rocks off before everyone else was awake. That is an extreme dedication to beastiality. There’s only 2 reasons to f*** a horse:

  1. You’re trying to conceive a centaur
  2. You’re a dangerous psychopath and serial sexual predator

Imagine what someone capable of raping a horse would do to a human being.

Horse experts say that this particular hog jockey must be very familiar with working with horses, since he knew how to get it out and mount it properly without making the horse go crazy. If you recognize this Semenbiscuit please send me a DM on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson so we can shame him properly, after you contact the Norfolk Police Department of course. If he has social media then screenshot everything because chances are he is going to attempt to remove himself from the Internet permanently.


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