Police Sources: Hopkinton Chief Aware That Mikayla Miller Hung Herself But Won’t Release Statement Before Monice Cannon-Grant Brings Mob On Thursday


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Earlier today I published a blog about Monica Cannon-Grant’s threat to hold a massive protest in Hopkinton on Thursday after baselessly alleging that a 16 year old girl named Mikayla Miller was murdered by 5 white people, and did not commit suicide two weeks ago as originally reported.

After that I spoke with sources within the Hopkinton Police Department who updated me on the facts, since there is so much misinformation being spread by Monica Cannon-Grant. Here’s what we know as a fact:

  • Mikayla Miller hung herself in the woods after a confrontation with her ex-girlfriend
  • Her ex-girlfriend and her ex’s new girlfriend got into a confrontation at their condo association in a game room
  • After the incident Mikayla ended up hanging herself, and was found the next morning at 6 AM on April 18 by a jogger
  • The death was 100% a suicide, she was not found tied to a tree, Monica lied when she said that she was found in a position that does not “coincide” with suicide, and there were no fingerprints taken because there was nothing to fingerprint or evidence of foul play
  • The two girls involved have both been questioned and cleared of any wrongdoing
  • Monica claims that her ex-girlfriend and 4 white boys, two of whom were 18, were responsible for murdering her, which is a complete fabrication.
  • None of the two other girls involved in this love triangle are the children of police officers. One of the girlfriends has a deceased grandfather who she never met, who was once a cop.
  • Adam Pina from the Black Panthers, who was arrested in 2009 for murder and has vowed to show up at the protest, reportedly has made calls to town offices threatening town officials on Thursday.
  • Chief of Police Joseph Bennett, who was just appointed in August, has been urged by town officials to issue a statement clarifying that this was a suicide in order to calm tensions, but he has no idea who Monica Cannon-Grant is or the circus she brings with her, so he has deferred to the state police instead.

  • DA Marian Ryan’s office has also been urged by town officials to make a stronger statement making it clear that this was a suicide, but she reportedly said that it’s not her job to do so. She is intentionally provoking a riot.
  • There is zero evidence that the woman who goes by Calvina Stothers on Facebook, who made the claim that Mikayla was lynched, was her custodial mother. There are unconfirmed reports at this time that “Calvina” was Mikayla’s birth mother, but that she had not seen her in years. This would explain why Monica claims she found out 12 days later. We will update that once more information becomes available.

  • Muriel Kramer is the Treasurer for the Massachusetts Bail Fund and an unopposed candidate for Hopkinton Selectman. Last summer she violated her non-profit’s own rules and regulations by bailing out Level 3 sex offender Shawn McClinton, who was in jail for rape, and he ended up kidnapping and raping a black woman in Quincy upon release. Without Muriel’s help this black woman never would’ve been raped.
  • Kramer, who is a white supremacist responsible for the rape of a black woman and chose to live in a nearly all white town, is well aware that the death was a suicide and has spoken with the police about it. Instead of using her platform to calm tensions she is encouraging the protest alongside Monica Cannon-Grant.

For the record, Muriel Kramer lives at 39 North Street in Hopkinton. She is a dangerous white supremacist directly responsible for years of trauma that this rape victim will now face. She deserves to have people protest at her house on a daily basis. This is the face of pure evil:


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Several people have politely messaged Monica Cannon-Grant to ask her how she can be sure this was not a suicide, and one woman mentioned how she lost a parent to suicide. This is how Monica treated her:

Because Monica is subhuman trash and has no soul.

It’s simply inexcusable for Police Chief Bennett to remain quiet about this. His town is about to descend into chaos Thursday because he’s too much of a boomer to research what happens when Monica Cannon-Grant brings her army of Antifa to town. Reminder, this is what happened outside the Boston Police headquarters in Roxbury when we showed up to protest her threats to have a congressional candidate murdered.

When 6 of us peacefully protested her racism and violence at her non-profit’s headquarters in Hyde Park she sent two career criminals who threatened and assaulted us.

This WILL happen in Hopkinton Thursday, and Chief Bennett has no plan to have police present. He’s going to get someone hurt, and he must make a strong announcement making clear that this was a suicide, or resign immediately.

P.S. Anyone who defends Monica Cannon-Grant at this point is just as bad as she is. The media has legitimized her, and people like Cris Driscoll use her positive media coverage to pretend that she isn’t a vile racist who routinely threatens to murder people.

Anyone who defends someone like this should be investigated by DCF if they have children. Cris Driscoll is a horrible parent who deserves to have this 3 boys taken away from him. Pray for these poor kids.


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