Politically Connected College Student Who Says She’s Oppressed Is In Charge Of Mayor Wu’s Reparations Task Force


Boston has serious issues with crime, homelessness, and drug addiction, but apparently the most pressing issue of the day for Mayor Michelle Wu is making sure that white people pay up fo historical injustices.

Notice City Councillor Ricard Arroyo, who was credibly accused of raping two underage girls and grew up privileged as the son of a crooked politician, is also involved in the reparations committee. Pretty much everyone on this board is a successful, well established member of the community who earns far above the median salary of the average Massachusetts resident. They overcame “systemic racism,” and have thrived in spite of it. Yet they still expect other people to give them their hard earned money because of the color of their skin.


The board also has two high school kids named Damani Williams and Denilson Fanfan, who for some reason are in charge of allocating resources despite never having a job or paying taxes.

A 22 year old professional activist named Carrie Mays is also on the reparations committee.

She became Boston famous for leading a bunch of protests a few years ago, and has been propped up by the media as some sort of inspirational civil rights leader because she makes mediocre poetry.

Here she is complaining that she’s oppressed in a “poem.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – there is nobody less talented than someone who calls themselves a poet. They just take normal sentences and accentuate random words intermittently in order to make themselves sound more profound than they actually are. If you wrote this poem out and read it normally it would just be a bunch of words. But because she’s young, African-American, and uses words like “dichotomy” and “non ambiguity,” we’re all supposed to stand and applaud her for being some sort of inspirational Gen Z thought leader. 


Here she is complaining that too many white people are moving into Boston (gentrification), which is supposed to sound enlightened because she turned it into a poem by speaking in some sort of meter.

First you take our fathers out of the homes

Now you’re trying to push us out a place we call home

No one took your father out of your home unless he committed a crime. No one is trying to push you out of your homes either. Rent in Boston is insanely high because people want to live there. I can’t afford to do that which is why I live in Central Massachusetts. This doesn’t make me oppressed, and neither are you.

Gentrification, they trying to push us out when we been here for ages

“They,” of course, means white people. Just say it. You don’t want white people in your neighborhood. Keep in mind, there are a million and one programs for low income individuals to help them pay rent and/or buy homes. But yea, oppression, or something.

Anyway, this poor marginalized girl has the luxury of being able to attend college where she’s smartly majoring in business. For the rest of her life she will never struggle to find work. She will have job opportunities that would never be offered to her if she wasn’t black and female – the intersectional identities she claims hold her back. She’s already connected to powerful and corrupt politicians like City Councillor Julia Mejia, who is currently suing Turtleboy for asking her about her alleged involvement in a DUI coverup.

But yea, this attractive, college educated woman is the face of oppression.

When I was a kid our vacations constituted packing in a station wagon and eating peanut butter sandwiches on the way to Hershey Park. But yea, I owe this girl something because a small percentage of white people owned slaves a century before my ancestors arrived in this country. Didi Delgado would be proud.


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