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Politicians Blame Boston Police For Edited Body Cam Footage Of BPD Using Foul Language While Dispersing Violent Rioters During George Floyd Riots


On Friday night a media outlet call “The Appeal” dropped a bunch of body cam videos showing Boston Police dispersing looters and rioters peacefully protesting George Floyd’s death from a fentanyl overdose in Minnesota. It’s supposed to make you really upset with the cops, but all I saw in the videos was a BPD greatest hits collection. A video showing a Sgt allegedly bragging about running over protesters has caught the most attention.

“Dude, I f***ing drove down Tremont (Street). There was an unmarked state police cruiser they were all gathered around,” the sergeant says on video. “…Then I had a f***er keep coming, f***ing running. I’m f***ing hitting people with the car, did you hear me, I was like, ‘get the f***—’”

The most offensive part about that video was the accent. I don’t care if this guy did run over a bunch of rioters because they deserved nothing less for participating in a riot, but the fact of the matter is he didn’t run anyone over. He was just talking a big game and got caught on body cam acting like a hardo.

What else ya got?

In one instance, a commanding officer approaches the man behind camera X81413955 and hands him a necktie with a price tag still on it, presumably from a store looted during the unrest. 

“It’s pretty nice,” replies the cameraman, adding that it’s a “$50 tie.”

The commanding officer quickly leaves the area, turning his back on the camera. Meanwhile, the officer with the camera appears to pocket the item. The Boston Police Department did not provide a case number, evidence log, or any information about the tie. 

Just to be clear, a bunch of anarchists broke windows in department stores, looted them until they were bare, a cop found a tie a looter dropped on the ground and gave it to another cop, and the problem here is that the cop didn’t log the tie in the evidence log in the middle of a literal war on the streets of Boston at 2 in the morning.

Makes sense.

Here’s another video of cops pushing down rioters at 2 in the morning after they’d been told to disperse because they were in violation of the city’s COVID curfew (which didn’t stop existing because of the Patron Saint of Fentanyl’s death).

Officers assaulted demonstrators in various ways throughout the evening, often without any clear sense of purpose or reason. Using batons to compel crowds back, officers with cameras are seen pushing down people trying to get out of the way and comply with commands. 

One officer, wearing camera X81329588, rushes a person on a moped who is trying to comply and clear the area. The officer charges him, shoving him off of the vehicle, for no discernible reason and with no provocation. The attack came at 2:08 a.m.

In another clip, outside Boston Common at 2:44 a.m., the same officer charges a young Black woman holding her hands up and shoves her violently to the ground with a baton. The officer says nothing when he does this and does not arrest her. 

It was almost 3 AM, multiple cops were hospitalized with injuries, Antifa and BLM had destroyed city blocks, rioters were told to go home, and this woman was standing there with her hands up pretending she was some sort of peaceful activist.

Maybe the cops should’ve asked her nicely to leave as looters hurled projectiles at them. Or, maybe, just maybe, she could go home because they told her to and it was nearly 3 AM.

Here’s another video of cops pepper spraying rioters in which one cop is heard saying, “start spraying the f***ers.” (click here to watch if it doesn’t embed)

Oh no, not foul language! And from people who were under attack from anarchists and Biden campaign workers. The real problem here wasn’t the fact that rioters destroyed a major American city, looted private property, and assaulted police officers. The problem is that the cops used potty words.

Guess who The Appeal interviewed for their story?

Lauren Pespisa, a Boston activist, told The Appeal she remembered seeing “more cops that night than any other, except shortly after when the National Guard came out.”

Failed softcore porn star turned Antifa, Lauren Pespisa, who was born into privilege, went to jail for selling meth, grew up in Boxboro, fancies herself a hacker, supports well known racist Monica Cannon-Grant, has provoked violence against a black woman named Rayla Campbell, and frequently called black girls the n word growing up.

This is who they used as a source, which tells you everything you need to know about The Appeal. Here’s what Lauren had to say.

“The daytime march was extremely peaceful and the cops held back, then once the sun went down there was a lot of tear gas and police cars driving haphazardly into crowded streets,” said Pespisa. “They shut down the MBTA and had battalions of riot cops around every corner gassing us.”

So the cops held back during the daytime peaceful protest but began to forcefully disperse a crowd of rioters at night. Almost as if it’s a bad idea to participate in a riot.

Here’s a collection of some of the highlights from the hours and hours of footage they selectively chose and edited on their hit piece. (if the video doesn’t embed click here to watch it)

Of course The Appeal didn’t bother getting the footage of that cop attempting to drive through Tremont Street as rioters threw objects at the vehicle.

Nor did they mention that the cops were responding to violence, not instigating it.

They also forgot to mention that there were riots at all, and they didn’t show off some of the peaceful protester’s finest work.

Must’ve been an oversight.

But the hit piece had it’s intended effect because every democrat who saw it sided with the rioters and blamed the cops.

Ya know what’s disturbing and inexcusable Maura Healey? A bunch of innocent business owners having their livelihoods destroyed after being shut down by the government for 3 months due to COVID.

The only black lives destroyed in those videos were the black owned businesses that were destroyed by a multi-racial group of black lives matter rioters.

Rachael Rollins predictably sided with the rioters.

“These are people exercising a constitutional right to be out,” said DA Rachael Rollins. “And there is no requirement that they be pleasant or silent when they are out.”

A constitutional right to riot at 3 AM.

Ayanna Pressley was the worst of them all.

“The inexcusable actions of officers in these disturbing videos make painfully clear why our communities are standing up, speaking out and demanding decisive action to combat the public health crisis that is police brutality in our nation. We can and must advance bold and systemic policy change at all levels of government to bring an end to the toxic culture of police impunity that has fueled these abuses and begin to legislate true justice and healing for our communities.”

Police brutality is not a public health crisis. You could argue that gang violence is, since that kills way more black people than the cops. But generally the best way for the “healing for our communities” is not to participate in riots in the first place.


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