Portland Mom Brags About Grooming 15 Year Old Son To Be Drag Queen, Flirting With Men Dressed As Hookers 


This is Amber Clark from Portland, OR.

Over the weekend she decided to go on a community Facebook group for Moms and announce to the world that her 15 year old son wants to be a drag queen for his birthday. Instead of telling him no she let him put lipstick on and took him to a drag show at a local brewery. She proudly bragged about how her minor child was handing dollar bills to grown men dressed as hookers so they would dance next to him, and told a group full of strangers that these grown men were flirting with her 15 year old son.

Jail. Straight to jail. That’s the only solution for people like this. This woman not only sees nothing wrong with bringing her minor to a burlesque show where grown men “flirted” with him, she was so proud of it that she felt the need to announce it to the world. People should fear legal and social consequences for doing this. We need to start punishing not only the parents who do these, but the venues that host them. Why is it always a brewery now? Kids can’t go to bars so why can they go to breweries?

What you just read was a grooming manifesto. A kid doesn’t just decide that they wanna be a drag queen. It’s pushed on them by their activist liberal parents. You will never, ever see this from a conservative parent because it’s not something that happens organically. Amber Clark could not wait until her son made this announcement. It wasn’t a matter of it, but when.

This post wasn’t about her kid, it was about her. She used her child for progressive Internet clout, and all he will ever to her is a prop she can use for likes. She knows this is controversial. She knew this would offend people. She knew the pictures would be widely shared and her child would be given attention he didn’t sign up for.  That was the whole point. People like this are addicted to attention and drama, and they are willing to use their children as bait.

Amber Clark got the lot blowback she wanted for her post, so she added an addendum to explain what she meant by flirting.

So a bunch of men dressed as hookers told your minor child that he was pretty, and in return your son gave them dollar bills to dance in front of him. Yea, that’s way better. They always say these things aren’t strip shows, but what other profession provocatively dances as drunk people throw dollar bills at them?

Still, she couldn’t understand the backlash.

Calm down Amber. The majority are judgy because they should be. There is something seriously wrong with a society where a woman announces she’s grooming her child and allowing him to flirt with men in drag, and nobody judges them for it. All decent people are judging you, and you should be ashamed and arrested.

For the record, the correct response if your son tells you he wants to become a drag queen is, “Why would you want to degrade yourself like that?” Also acceptable is, “No.”

She did have a couple supporters initially though, like Lori Raymond and Crystal Horrach.

“I love that you support him.”

“I love this post so much.”

Yea, you ladies definitely look like the type that thinks grown men in drag flirting with 15 year olds is a way to support your children.

No one wants to touch your ovaries or your Uncle Leo eyebrows.

Then there was this argument that I see a lot:

Yea drag shows are just like going to Hooters, except with less buffalo wings and more stripping, provocative dancing, sexual reenactments, and men dressed as hookers. Besides that it’s a great analogy.

We have to start making it unacceptable for people to post stuff like this on social media. We have to start making these people know that we’re no longer going to just laugh at them, we’re gonna start cancelling them. This is a sexual war on children, and if you choose to take the side of evil then you better be prepared for the consequences.


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