Portsmouth Store Harassed With Fraudulent Reviews After Activists Smear Them On Facebook For Selling “Don’t Tread On Me” Flag


This is Adya Plourde and Rowan Torr from Elliot, Maine.

Adya is a self described pro-abolishment (not clear what she hopes to abolish) woman of color,” who says she’s always learning how to be anti-racist.

Rowan is a BLT-123 who goes by “they/them” and claims to be queer and trans, when in fact she’s just a miserable fat woman with a door knocker attached to her nose.


The two of them recently went to the Fox Run Mall in Portsmouth, NH where they hit up a store called Locally Handmade, which allows vendors to sell products there. They walked in and saw this for sale:

The “don’t tread on me” Gadsen flag was used during the Revolution to rally colonists who opposed tyranny from the British empire, which spread slavery and imperialism around the globe. It was used by working class and poor people to tell elitists in the government that they would no longer have their rights trampled on. Its spirit continues to this day at protests where people are opposing what they believe to be tyranny.

However, because most people who fly this flag tend to be conservative, it’s been labeled as racist or “white supremacist” by the same people who decided that the OK sign and thin blue line symbol were white supremacist as well. Anything conservatives like or use will eventually be called white supremacist, which is why you should fight every battle in the culture war, no matter how small or irrelevant it may seem to be. Just because SJWs don’t like it doesn’t mean they get to redefine it.

Adya and BLT-Barbara didn’t like the fact that the flag was being sold there, and instead of just not buying it or leaving quietly, they decided to harass the store owner, demand it be removed, demean an employee for being a person of color, upload a video to Facebook smearing them, and urge their friends to leave fraudulent reviews for a small business that is already hurting from the pandemic.

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“I’m so fucking sick of this, I’m gonna go up and ask why do you have it here. And when I went up the owner, she’s white, and I asked what’s the purpose of don’t tread on me, do you know what it means?”

“She said if you don’t like something you can get out of the store. Incredibly aggressive, super racist.”

She probably has it there because it’s her business and she can sell whatever she damn well pleases. Probably. She also probably doesn’t feel like being lectured by some Southern Maine gender studies grad who just learned that this symbol was racist by reading an article on Vox.

When that failed she tried speaking to the employee, who happens to be a person of color.

“Manager is a person of color and I asked them, “How are you OK with this? POC to POC, what the fuck? Wake up. Pressure your boss to do something different. You don’t need to allow vendors to profit off white supremacy.”

“POC to POC, what are you doing working at a store that supports white supremacy. They’re making money off white supremacy.”

“Person of color to person of color.” That about sums it up right there. People like Adya are so racist that they believe everyone who isn’t white must be as ridiculous and fragile as she is. Failure to do so means you’re a de facto white supremacist. The only way to prove otherwise is to tell your boss how to run her business, because bosses love that. And if you get fired it’s not a big deal because people like Adya never have jobs either. This appears to be the store owner and her manager.

They really look like white nationalists. For sure.

“We don’t wanna stifle people for what they believe in.”

“If y’all wanna go in and ask the owner, ask the staff why they accept vendors who promote racism, homophobia, like every kind of bullshit.”

“That’s literally a white supremacist flag. They had them at the Capitol. That’s political.”

Yea, you just want to tell them what they can and cannot sell in their store, and if they don’t give into your demands you harm them. Not stifling at all.

“If you allow a vendor to have racist commentary, specifically white supremacist, very anti-semitic, very anti-literally anything but white cisgender heterosexual Christian men. That’s on you and you need to be held accountable for it.”

Anti-semitic? Anti-trans? Anti-gay? They just make this this up as they go along, throw every aggrieved “marginalized” group into the oppression crockpot, and turn it up on high.

“The fact that she got defensive about this, she was just racist.”

Getting defensive about being falsely labeled as a racist by a walking infomercial for cholesterol who looks like she just took a bath in blue raspberry slushy mix, means you’re a racist.

“She could’ve just said hey I’m sorry, we’re sorry, and I understand if it upsets you.”

If only the woman had just given this spoiled brat who bought nothing a fake apology, then this all could’ve been avoided.

“Are you being rude and assuming that I’m gonna start something because I’m a person of color.”

No, she’s assuming you’re going to start something because you literally started something.

Then they set out to destroy the business.

“If you wanna go on Facebook and Google and leave a review, I’m gonna keep doing it.”

“Children of color in the seacoast, especially NH, should not have to go into a store and ask Mommy what does this mean, and then say honey this is a racist propaganda symbol.”

“I’ll leave the store Facebook link in the comments. Go blow it up, write reviews, do what you gotta do. It’s literally easy to do this. Us white folks need to get into it. There was so much violence in that interaction.”

Their video was widely shared and quickly the fake reviews began coming in, all of them from white people.

Just look at this creature.

There is nothing I can say right now that you are not thinking. Nuff said.

According to Jimminy Ginger the store owner can’t say mean things about “customers” who don’t buy anything, harass them, and urge mobs to give them fraudulent reviews.

Then there was Reed Gordon.

Reed thinks they’re unprofessional for selling items that people want to buy. He’s likely a white supremacist who goes around harassing stores that are managed by women of color, and currently works at POWER Engineers, which you can find on Facebook here

These people are the enemy, we have declared war on them, and they must be destroyed. If they have jobs, then do the same thing to their employers as they do to private businesses. The only way to end cancel culture is to cancel the cancel culture mob. This is how wars are fought.

The store had its defenders though, and they went to Adya’s page to let her know their thoughts. But this of course was racist because Adya is a “person of color” despite being raised by a family of white people.

The employee of color they dealt with also defended the store on the Facebook post and was told that the American flag is also racist.

Adya claimed that the Constitution gives her the right to organized mobs to give fraudulent reviews on Google to businesses they have never stepped foot inside of.

A quick look at BLT Barbara and New Dehli Kelly’s Facebook pages shows us that they pretty much just go around looking for things to be offended by so they can pretend to be victims.

Meanwhile, BLT Barbara is over here demanding you play along with her grammatically incorrect pronoun delusions.

She got kicked out of a Southern Maine SGA meeting for disrupting it with a megaphone, called everyone there a transphobe because they wouldn’t give into her demands, and was disciplined by the university.

Because this is what useless globs like her do.

In 2018 Rown went to then Attorney General (and now tyrannical governor) Janet Mills office to demand that she charge a Portland cop for killing a drunk man who was screaming and pointing a gun at cars and later the officer. Janet Mills actually agreed to speak with them, but instead of taking advantage of that opportunity to talk about policy change or how they could get something out of the meeting they decided to shout at her and yell black lives matter.

Janet Mills: “Do you wanna listen?”

BLT Barbara: “Not particularly. She’s speaking bullshit so I’m not even gonna film her for this.”

Imagine every taking black lives matter seriously? This is what they do. Nothing they believe in has any sort of legitimacy or truth to it, so they just yell, scream, call you racist, and demand that you give into them before they destroy everything. They are the enemy, and we must stop playing nice with them moving forward.


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