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Prankster Had All My Mail Forwarded To Monica Cannon-Grant’s House, Highlights Issues With Fraud For Mail-In Voting


Facebook and Twitter remove content that suggests that mail in voting can’t be trusted because it’s “dangerous for democracy,” for you not trust the USPS. When Donald Trump says there will be fraud they tell us this is not true. Allow me to share a personal story which illustrates just how wrong the media is.

I haven’t received mail in over a week. I thought this was odd so I went to my local post office to see if they were holding it, which they have done before when there were issues with the mailbox itself. Turns out someone filled out a form to have my mail forwarded to 6 Fenno Street in Roxbury. Guess who lives there?

Monica Cannon-Grant.

She’s not smart enough or crafty enough to do something like this on her own, but that’s neither here nor there. The problem is that it was this easy to do. All someone had to do was get a change of address form, fill it out, and sign it with my “signature.”

Why are we still pretending like a signature means anything? Like it’s some sort of verifiable proof that you saw something. Like the person who’s verifying this form can look at the signature and say, “yup, that’s Aidan Kearney’s.” When I get receipts or I’m asked to sign something I just put a smiley face or draw a doodle now because it doesn’t matter. Anything pen on paper will do. There is zero reason to still use signatures in 2020, and this incident shows us exactly why.

My postmaster got them to stop forwarding mail to Roxbury as of yesterday, but it will take 7-10 days to start getting mail again because the USPS is an orgy of inefficiency and bureaucracy. Naturally then we are trusting these people with the integrity of our elections.

I asked if I should call the police, but because the USPS is its own entity with it’s own investigators I had to call them. It’s not the first time I’ve dealt with something like this through the mail. Last year Michael Gaffney sent a libelous flier about me and my family to every home in area code 10520, Holden.

They refused to stop distributing them, despite getting a bunch of death threats since my address was on it. So I called the USPS “investigator,” they told me that they’d look into it, I followed up with them and they did nothing.

I didn’t expect much yesterday and the USPS didn’t disappoint. It’s a 1-800 number, you press a bunch of buttons, wait on hold for over an hour, tell some lady your story and hope to hear back from them. I did get this email afterwards though.

Translation – mail fraud just isn’t a big deal. We’ll get back to you later. Maybe.

Naturally then we are trusting these people with the integrity of our elections.

Whoever did this was obviously pranking me because they follow the blog and know what my thoughts are on MCG. But it’s a federal crime. More importantly, why is it this easy? Confidential information comes through the mail, and if we can’t trust the USPS to not get pranked by some troll, then how are we supposed to trust them with our elections?

This is the email the USPS sent us after it was already changed, prompting me to look into it more:

You are receiving this email because we have detected a Change of Address submission corresponding to your online account with username ******. The security of your account is very important to us, so we have temporarily SUSPENDED your access to your Informed Delivery® features. To resume use of Informed Delivery, please follow the steps outlined below and provide confirmation of where you receive your mail. We have sent two letters with your validation code – one to the old address (in case you have not moved) and the other to the new address, as indicated in the Change of Address submission we received.

Except we never got a letter with a validation code because they stopped delivering mail to our house.

Ultimately they’ll probably never find out who did this because it could be anyone, anywhere in the country. Literally all you have to do is fill out a form and put it in your local mailbox and you can do this to anyone. Now imagine how easy this would be to get someone’s ballot sent to your house. Imagine how easy it would be to do this on a large scale. And we’re allowing them to use COVID to rig this election. But if you try to even suggest this is real then social media platforms will ban you, and the mainstream media will accuse you of being a conspiracy theorist.



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