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Pregnant Bridgewater Woman Upset South Shore Moms Facebook Group Removed GoFundMe For New Car While Allowing Mother With Sick Child To Fundraise


This is Amber Romano from Bridgewater.

She is 35 weeks pregnant and decided that now would be a good time to start planning for the baby, which is why she started a $2,200 GoFundMe so she could buy a new car.

Despite the fact that her baby daddy is around and appears to be gainfully employed.

They might not have a car, but they have plenty of time and money for showers and artsy softcore goth porn time in the woods.

Okey dokey.

She shared the “buy me a car” GoFundMe in a south shore Moms Facebook group, but it ended up getting removed because they don’t allow shameless beggars in that group. This evidently upset her because another mom with a sick kid was allowed to share her GFM.

“We are both asking for the same thing, just my child is not sick.”

Imagine the level of cognitive dissonance one must have in order to not see the difference between being the mother of a healthy child vs. a sick child. If you want sympathy then get yourself a sick baby, but as of right now lots of mothers have been in your shoes before and managed to figure out a way to survive without debasing themselves with a GFM. Or here’s a novel idea don’t get knocked up before you have a car. Try actually planning ahead instead of expecting a bunch of strangers on Facebook to bail you out.

Other women told her the same thing and she didn’t handle it well.

Pro tip – don’t complain how easy the Mom with a sick baby has it if you’re trying to get people to feel bad enough for you that they buy you a car.

Then came the boo-hoo story.

“I am a full time student paying off two school payments.”

And there’s your problem right there. You’re 21 years old. You don’t have to go to school anymore, you’re choosing to. The second you got pregnant your life plans immediately should’ve changed. But they didn’t, and now you want the best of both worlds, you just don’t want to pay for it yourself. If you don’t want to choose between staying in school and being a mother then you should’ve had your boyfriend use the Turtleboy birth control message – the face.

According to a comment she made her truck was towed 3 months ago.

And a month ago she was whining that the mechanic’s “self inflicted disability” (having one leg) shouldn’t stop him from fixing her vehicle in time.

Yea, if only he had a non-self-inflicted disability. Like being 35 weeks pregnant with no plan for how to care for the baby. The fact that she apparently thinks this is normal and compares herself to a mom with a sick kid is pretty much everything that is wrong with people who never had to use AOL dial up growing up.


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