Pregnant Brockton Interferes With Lawful Arrest Of 2 Hampton Beach Drunkards, Accuses Restaurant Of Racism, Sends Mob To Give 1 Star Reviews After Intimidating Witnesses 


A Brockton woman who goes by Jill Marie on Facebook caused quite a stir last week at the Walmart of New England beaches – Hampton Beach.

This gestation jackal is is actively involved with the black lives matter movement because she hates the police and produced several biracial offspring.

If you’re a grown woman who has ever uttered the phrase, “me and the kids took a bomb ass nap,” then you definitely could make a phone call if and hook me up with food stamps to buy off of someone within 15 minutes.

She also chose to reproduce with a man who wears “the hat.”

No other words are necessary. The flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat tells me everything I need to know.

Last week Jill was at the Boardwalk Restaurant at Hampton Beach when she saw a black man getting arrested, so she posted about it on Facebook complete with #BlackLivesMatter and #Fuck12, because you should never forget that black lives matter has always been an anti-police organization that never cared about black lives.

Welcome to Hampton Beach. Where a knocked up caucasian woman with a bad attitude jumps into a dispute that has nothing to do with her, instinctively assumes the black guy is the victim, harasses the cops while they’re doing their job, and then screams obscenities at a waitress and two people trying to consume a meal of food without contracting syphilis.

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“But they were leaving!”

She knows this from being there for a few moments before the cops arrived.

“You need to get off of him like that?”

Nah, your pregnant ass needs to mind your own business.

“This is us taking a stand.”

This is not you taking a stand, it’s a ratchet doing ratchet things in the most ratchet atmosphere on earth – Hampton Beach in June.

You could tell just by looking at the waitress and customer that there was more to this story, and that the man getting arrested probably deserved it, despite being black and therefore incapable of committing a crime.


Nevertheless her video went viral in ratchet and BLM circles and the Boardwalk Restaurant began getting flooded with fraudulent one star reviews.


“Calling the police on people of color is an act of violence.”

This is an actual opinion many black lives matter supporters believe. The fact that anyone is taking these simpletons seriously is mind boggling.

“Management is racist” and a “violation to their human rights occurred,” according to Katie Gallo, who happens to be so white that she makes Shaun King look black.

She shared a Google doc which means she’s “doing something.” Please clap.

Then there was the review from Cheyenne Shafer.

She of course wasn’t there to witness any of this, but since she has her gender pronouns in her bio she still felt the need to trash a business and demand that they apologize for their “violently racist staff and patrons.”

A reporter from the Lowell Sun was also at the restaurant that night and wanted to do a story on the danger of online mobs, much like I’m doing right now, so he reached out to her. Cheyenne called this “harassment and threats,” because evidently she was too basic to realize that the man who works at the newspaper was not sent by the restaurant to ask her questions.

Turns out Philippe was telling the truth and the Hampton Police released a statement explaining what really happened.

Just to review, these two men, who happened to be black, were drunk and obnoxious while other people were trying to sit and enjoy their meal. After the two men smashed a glass that sent shards at other customers some customers complained to the staff who asked them to leave, and naturally they began swearing and screaming at other customers. One of them threw a chair at the police when they arrived, but they still didn’t plan to arrest them until the twins twat mongrels refused to identify themselves, at which point they resisted arrest. The Brockton beluga whale mafia then interfered with the arrest as you saw in that video, intimidated several witnesses, and the perps plead guilty because they were in fact guilty.

Yet all these basic white chicks blindly followed the lead of a guttermuppets and tried to destroy a restaurant based on an out of context video. This is how desperate people are these days to validate to the Internet that they are in fact virtuous. Black lives matter is a cancerous organization that no rational person should support. They don’t care about black lives, they just exist to hate the police and virtue signal about their white wokeness.


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