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Pregnant Brockton Woman Shot In Head, Boyfriend Shot in Arm Arrested On Warrants Is A Rapper Who Abused Her In Front Of Kids On Facebook Live For Cheating On Him While In Jail


This is Shaun Holiday and his the mother of his children Amanda Kylie from Brockton.

He’s an “aspiring rapper,” which of course means he’s unemployed, sells mediocre weed, has $0 in savings, and no intention of planning for the future because the odds that he’ll live that long are slim to none. His videos are often shot from such glamorous locations as Brockton parking lots, and feature flat brimmed Bulls hats, Henny, imaginary guns, section 8 apartments, and shoutouts to friends from Taunton who went to jail for first degree murder whilst trying to keep it 100.


He’s a swell guy. Obviously then Cardi Free looked at this gentlemen and said to herself, “I’d love for him to unload some baby gravy in my fun box so we can conceive a litter of children together. I’m sure he’ll stick around and we will be financially secure for years to come.”

On Tuesday the police were called to their Brockton apartment where she was found shot in the head in front of her children, and he was shot nearby in the arm.

A pregnant woman is in critical but stable condition a day after police say she was shot in the head inside her city home. Sources tell The Enterprise that the victim, a 30-year-old woman, is pregnant and that her unborn child survived the shooting. Police responded to 622 N. Main St. for a report of a shooting at about 5:08 p.m. Tuesday. Dispatchers directed responding officers to a first-floor resident who had information about the shooting, which had occurred on the third floor.

Officers found the female victim suffering from a life-threatening gunshot wound, said Darren Duarte, a Brockton police spokesperson. She was able to speak to investigators shortly after the incident. A man with a gunshot wound was later located at the scene. Firefighters requested a third ambulance to the scene at 5:22 p.m. after the man was determined to be injured. That man, who suffered a non-life-threatening injury, was taken by Brewster Ambulance to Good Samaritan Medical Center. Sources say that man is 26-year-old Shaun M. Holiday, who lives at the home on the third floor, where the shooting occurred, and who was later taken into custody by Brockton police on a warrant, according to the Brockton police log. Police would not confirm on Wednesday whether Holiday is a suspect in the shooting, only saying that the case remains under investigation. Police also would not say whether Holiday’s injury is believed to be self-inflicted — whether accidental or intentional.

Three children who were home at the time of the shooting were taken by ambulance to Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital to be evaluated Tuesday evening, sources said, but were not injured during the incident.

“I saw (the children) crying, asking for their mom: ‘Where’s my mom? I want to see my mom,’” neighbor Ondinea Alves told The Enterprise’s news media partner, WCVB-TV.

Spoiler alert – he is definitely a suspect in the shooting. Not only does this reek of a man with self-inflicted wounds who was attempting to make it seem like they both were shot during a robbery of some sorts, but his Facebook posts glamorizing gun violence coupled with the facts that he had warrants out for his arrest only increase the chances that he shot her.


Another thing that doesn’t help his credibility is the fact that he was quite proud of a video he posted on Facebook Live that made it onto World Star, in which he is humiliated, abused, and swore at his baby mama in front of their children as they cried for him to stop because she allegedly cheated on him while he was in jail.

This is the face of an abused woman who has accepted that this is normal and has zero interest in removing her children from a clearly unhealthy environment.

“She f***ed my mans. B****es wanna f*** your mans while you in jail. You pay all they bills you do everything for them.”

Here’s a thought – if you didn’t go to jail in the first place then she probably wouldn’t be looking for a bologna baton to keep her warm while you’re gone. Any man who can say things like that to the mother of his children while they plead for him to stop in the background is not a man at all. But of course in this culture, where the biggest threat is allegedly racist police officers, he’s being told on this post that his behavior is completely justified.

“He is just supposed to be publicly humiliated and accept that?”

Yes, that’s exactly what he’s supposed to do. You’re not the first person to get cheated on. Deal with it and move on like a normal human being. The fact that so many people think this is acceptable to do in front of kids tells you everything you need to know about this culture within our culture today.

According to him his kids will “learn from it” though.

Which is sadly true. These kids will grow up thinking this is a normal way to treat women. His daughters will accept it when men treat them like this, and his sons will see nothing wrong with treating women like this.

But it’s OK though because he hugged them afterwards.

Plus he was angry. You can humiliate the mother of your children on Facebook Live if you’re angry and all is forgiven.

He claims he supported his kids from jail.

Translation – his boy kept selling drugs for him while he was gone.

Why not go after the guy that had sex with her?

He doesn’t want to go back to jail because she’d replace the D in 5 seconds. He’s that forgettable. Instead he’s going to subject his children to a lifestyle where domestic abuse is normalized.

For a G he sure is a whiny little booger though. What kind of gangsta gets cheated on, and lets the world see that he’s and incredibly insecure man who allowed a woman to get to him like this? He’s whining in the comments that his feelings were hurt, therefore his behavior was OK.

I’m looking forward to his next song, “My baby mama hurt muh feelz.”

Meanwhile he acted like Hardo McGee every time someone called him out for his behavior.

Oh, and this man whose baby mama who is now shot in the head also told another hater that he was going to kill him.

I’m sure he didn’t do it though.

He was really upset that more people watched his World Star drama than listened to his latest rap album.

He also has been posting anti-police BLM propaganda and wants the cop who killed rapist Jacob Blake to be doxxed and threatened on social media.

Jacob Blake and Shaun Holiday have a lot in common. They both:

  • Think women are their property
  • Will publicly humiliate and stalk them if they feel “disrespected”
  • Don’t have jobs and are in and out of jail
  • Expose their kids to behavior that will traumatize them for life
  • Believe the biggest problem facing the black community is the cops

No wonder he identifies with a guy who stuck his fingers inside his baby mama and said, “smells like you’ve been with other men.”

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the reason he’s only been arrested on warrants is that she’s either unable to speak right now or is refusing to cooperate with the police. Make no doubt about it – if he shot her in the head he would find a way to justify it and she would not only take him back, she’d be promoting his latest rap album like nothing ever happened.

This is normal behavior in a Brockton love story.

The bottom line is that Shaun Holiday fails at everything he’s done his entire life. He couldn’t be a real father, he can’t stay out of jail, his rap career is going nowhere, and not only did he fail at killing his baby mama, he also failed at killing himself.  Probably.


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