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Poor Behavior

Pregnant New Bedford Woman Uses Autistic Child To Solicit Free AC, Gets Called Out By Woman Who Gave Her Free Food Stamps Last Week And Then Asked For More Money


This is Natasha Furtado from New Bedford.

She’s in a sexual relationship with this guy.

So things are going pretty well.

The two of them thought it would be a good idea to reproduce a few times and now their Christmas pictures with Santa get taken in the DCF visitor’s room.

Recently the New Bedford Guide shared Natasha’s post looking for a free air conditioner.

Here’s an idea – maybe you should take it easy on the raw dog. Or just use the Turtleboy Birth Control Method – the chest. Sixty five percent of the time, it works every time. Responsible people with jobs and mortgages often stop at two kids because they know how much work it is to raise a child, and even though they have the resources they still opt not to because they know that a child deserves more than that.

Not these people though. They just fire out three or four grundle gremlins in a three year period like it’s nothing. Planning? What’s that? Sure, she has a 3 year old autistic child (always an autistic kid whenever they’re looking for handouts) who is likely a handful and they can’t afford to buy an AC, but you might as well just throw another kid on the pile anyway and ask the New Bedford Guide to take care of them.

Whenever a post like this is made a small percentage of people say what everyone else is thinking – get a job, stop making babies, and pay for your own stuff. But most people keep their thoughts to themselves because the “only God can judge” mafia will yell at you if you point out the truth.

“Maybe when she was in a good spot in life.”

Have you seen her junkie eyes?

This woman has never been in a “good spot in life.”

These people are full of “maybe she” excuses because they’re too afraid to point out the obvious.

“Hurtful comments should not be vocalized.”

This is the world we’re living in. You can’t tell the truth because, feelings. Newsflash – you’re not compassionate or kind for enabling bad parenting and poor life decisions.

“How do you know the baby daddy isn’t contributing?”

Oh, ya know, it might have something to do with the fact that he’s an able bodied man whose baby momma begs for free AC’s on Facebook. Seems like something the man of the house should be able to provide if he was gainfully employed.

“The income earning capacity of a parent who has a child on the spectrum is limited.”

Yet parents with autistic children manage to survive and buy their own air conditioners.

Then there’s the “it could be you” people.


Actually it couldn’t be me because I’m not a welfare collecting drugged out guttermuppet.

The opinion of many people changed after a woman named Yaritza came forward with Facebook messages from the New Bedford Knob Goblin proving that she had just given her a couple hundred dollars worth of food stamps and a ride to the grocery store after seeing her play the autistic child card in a Facebook group, only to be asked for more money the next day.

This is why you don’t feed the animals. Because they’ll expect you to keep feeding them instead of learning how to hunt.

First of all, the fact that the other woman is married and has $3K worth of food stamps lying around is problematic in and of itself. But the New Bedford Knob Goblin actually sends her kids to daycare, and for what? Daycare is a place you send kids when you have to work! It’s not something you pay for so you can sit on the couch all day watching the much more successful versions of yourself on Teen Mom.

Even after posting the video the bleeding hearts were unconvinced that the Natasha was problematic.

“Why don’t you sit back and say I did the right thing, I don’t care what she does after.”

Because she now realizes that she didn’t do the right thing dummy. All she did was contribute to the problem. The best thing that could happen to those kids is no one helps Mom and Dad so they’re forced to become self sufficient. She bought her groceries and gave her a ride to and from the store. The next freaking day she was bombarded with messages and calls because this woman viewed her as an ATM. Ya know who says stuff like this? People who are privileged enough to have never been around junkies.

As for the Natasha herself she just flat out denied any of this happened.

Because that’s what lying scam artist junkies do.


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