Principals And School Committees Are Thrilled The FBI And Justice Department Will Be Surveilling Parents Who Question Masks And Critical Race Theory


Last month I roasted the Wachusett Regional School Committee twice at public meetings on the absurdity of forcing our children to wear masks in school.

For that I became a target of the FBI and the Biden Justice Department.

We had a good shot at winning that battle, but ultimately the state came in and took away local control, so it was no longer up to our School Committee to decide if masks in school would be mandatory for kids. Since school began my 6 year old daughter got COVID inside her first grade classroom, despite wearing a mask, because obviously only a noodle brained moron would believe that a thin piece of paper could stop the spread of an airborne virus in an elementary school. I wasn’t worried at all because COVID is not a threat to children, and she recovered just fine.

I was far from the only parent to speak out in defense of children, as the fad of roasting your local school board became popular amongst those of us with common sense across the country. In response to this Attorney General Merrick Garland yesterday announced that the FBI would be mobilized to investigate people like me, who they consider to be domestic terrorists.

The same FBI that let Brian Laundrie walk away from his home undetected, and allowed the Tsarnaev brothers to plot a terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon, will now be allocating its limited resources to convene meetings with all 14,000 school districts in the country. There they will discuss plans to stop the non-existent threats against School Committee members and teachers. This is what your tax dollars go towards.

I hope Republicans are taking notes. This is what you do with power when you have it. You use the FBI, and every other law enforcement agency possible as a weapon agains your political opponents. I’m not a fan of this personally, but it’s how the game is played now. You can cry about it or you can destroy your enemies. The moral high ground isn’t going to get you anywhere.

To be clear, there is no “spike in harassment, intimidation and threats of violence.” This is just something they’re using in order to give themselves more power and use men with guns to come after law abiding parents. It’s the same thing they used to take away civil liberties after September 11, and the same rationale they used to put unarmed protesters in solitary confinement for the imaginary “insurrection” on January 6. Throughout history our government, and all tyrannical governments, use the pretext of fear in order to mobilize law enforcement to crush political dissidents. There is no Holocaust without the Reichstag fire in 1933. There was no Patriot Act without the World Trade Center being attacked.

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Except people speaking at School Committee meetings isn’t comparable to fires or terrorist attacks. They found a couple isolated incidents in random states where tyrannical child abusers were made to feel uncomfortable and are pretending that there’s some sort of epidemic of violence. There isn’t. If they actually cared about stopping violence they’d be spying on Antifa and black lives matter, since they’ve caused significantly more carnage and destruction than any parent at a School Committee meeting could ever dream of.

This was a gift to School Committees and administrators who couldn’t believe that taxpaying citizens had the audacity to show up at meetings and express their opinions in public. These are people who are used to no one paying attention, and the fact that people like me were suddenly mobilized was a threat to their monopoly on power. Take for example Shepherd Hill Principal Bill Chaplin.

He’s been using his Twitter account to passive aggressively let the world know that he doesn’t approve of parents in his district showing up to meetings to oppose critical race theory and forced masking of children, by feeding into the lie that people like him are somehow victims of concerned parents who pay his salary.

You can say it’s his private account, but, 1) he’s the principal, so nothing he does is ever private, and 2) his tweets are shared on the district website

He takes shots at dissenting parents, not by directly calling them out, but by exclusively sharing links to websites that do that for him. For instance, he championed the new sex ed program that teaches kindergarten students about blowjobs.

He’s worried about the lack of diversity in public education.

Meanwhile, he’s in charge of hiring at Shepherd Hill, and not a single teacher there is black. Hey Bill, you should totally put the quit in equity by resigning your position and giving your salary to a person of color. Being woke is easy when you don’t have to personally sacrifice anything for it.

He’s in favor of forced vaccinations for children.

He believes that forced vaccinations for employees gets them to do the right thing, much like ISIS holding a gun to a prisoner’s head gets them to denounce America.

It’s funny how people will allow the state to put something into their body when they really have no choice.

He liked General Woke Milley’s speech about “white rage” being the biggest threat to America, a month before he oversaw the disastrous evacuation from Afghanistan.

And he believes that freedom is the right to do what he considers to be “what is right.”

If you voted for Joe Biden, just understand that you did this. You elected an authoritarian government that is now weaponizing the FBI against peaceful parents for the crime of being invested in their children’s education. If you’re OK with this then you are a horrible person, and we will use the government to crush you once the pendulum swings and we regain power. In the meantime I look forward to the FBI surveilling me, and will continue to use my voice to loudly condemn child abusing grownups who try to force masks and vaccines on 5 year olds.



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