Profanity Laden Dispute Erupts After Direnzo’s Tow Truck Driver Tailgates Car In Worcester Parking Lot


As reported on TB Daily News yesterday, Direnzo’s Towing was back in the headlines after a driver rear ended another vehicle on Route 20 in Westborough (not Auburn as initially reported).

A reader sent us an image of the truck being towed by a competitor, and the slogan on the front of the Direnzo’s truck was pretty telling.

“Doesn’t play well with others.”

Understatement of the century.

I’m sure there are some decent, non-terrible people who work for Direnzo’s, so we don’t mean to disparage everyone who drives for them. But the company they work for seems to have a disproportional concentration of terrible people who work there, because yet another video has emerged of a Direnzo’s driver tailgating a car and behaving poorly in general. This time it’s also on Route 20 and also outside of a Burlington Coat factory, except it’s a different truck in Worcester.

If I were to show people what growing up in Worcester was like, I’d show them that video. Everyone in it has Worcester coursing through their veins. From the guy who was being tailgated who seeing nothing wrong with yelling racial slurs in a parking lot during broad daylight, to the aggressive tow truck driver who yells “f*** you” back at him despite clearly being in the wrong, to the guy filming it who narrates it like only a person from Worcester could – “Dammmnnn dude.” Everything about that video is so Worcester it hurts.

We don’t see what happened before that, but we do see a Direnzo’s truck on the other driver’s bumper, and we see that driver get out of his car and yell at the Direnzo’s driver.

We hear the Direnzo’s driver rev the engine and aggressively drive towards the fire lane and then illegally park in it.

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Even the Direnzo’s trucks themselves reveal them to be arrogant and quite douchey. The big fat gold D on the grill and the license plate really says it all.

“Tow U.”

As in, “I’m going to tow your car, hold it against your will, run up the bill to $16,000 right after your father dies, and then claim it was a clerical error after getting publicly shamed.”

Finally we see the man chase down the Direnzo’s driver as he leaves.

The moral of the story is that if you’re on Route 20 and you’re near a Burlington Coat factory and you see a Direnzo’s truck nearby, then you should probably leave because odds are you’re about to get tailgated and/or rear ended.


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