Providence Assistant Principal Sends Email To Teachers Soliciting Money To Drug Cartel Coyotes For “Helping” Student Cross Border Illegally


This is “Doctor” Stefani Harvey, an assistant principal at Mount Pleasant High School in Providence.

Last night she sent out an email to the entire faculty soliciting donations to help pay off a $5K debt to a Mexican drug cartel who illegally trafficked a student into the country, as was first reported by our friend Nicole Solas.

Of course the pronouns are in the bio. Because, of course they are.

The fact that someone this dumb has a doctorate, shows you how useless and meaningless that label is. She thinks coyotes are a group that “helps” people, when in fact they are criminals who desperate migrants give money to in order to traffic them across the US-Mexico border. These illegal operations are controlled by drug cartels, make billions of dollars a year, and are responsible for sex trafficking minors, flooding our country with fentanyl, and killing illegal immigrants who they jam into packed vehicles with little room to breathe. Fifty three illegal immigrants died in July after being found in a truck in Texas. They had all taken out loans to pay the cartel off for the right to be killed by them. 

Speaking with the New York Times, a family member of two of the migrants who died in that truck said they had taken out loans to pay the $10,000 per person fee to smuggle them into America. The Times adds that smuggling fees can range from $2,000 to $40,000.

Cartel Coyotes are evil and they prey on the most vulnerable and desperate people. But yet this person tasked with educating children not only used her school department email to raise funds for them, she called them “a group that helps people.” The dumbest part about this woman is the fact that she saw nothing wrong with sending this email out in the first place.

Mount Pleasant Principal Tiffany Delaney sent out a followup email today saying that she “appreciated the faculty and staff contributing to a cause that supports a student,” but said it was inappropriate to do so.

The cause doesn’t “support a student.” The cause supports Mexican drug cartels. Stefani Harvey used her school sanctioned email to attempt to raise money to pay off some of the most violent and dangerous drug dealing sex traffickers on the planet. This isn’t “inappropriate,” it’s illegal. In any other line of work it would be a fireable offense. But she’s a black, queer, social justice activist who works in education, so she has unlimited job security.

It’s why she can promote tweets demonizing groups of people based on their skin color without worrying about any sort of repercussions.


Stefani Harvey’s bio is as predictable as you imagined it would be. Originally from Roxbury, she worked for some time in the Boston Public Schools, and previously was a Dean at UMass Boston. Her UMB bio says that she is a “community activist who specializes in social justice and equity in education.” It states that she wants to “dismantle the school to prison pipeline,” which is code for “get rid of school resource officers and stop suspending students who use violence on others in school.” It also says that she has promoted “restorative practices,” which is woke talk for, “send disruptive students back to classrooms instead of holding them responsible for their behavior.”

Notice she was briefly a teacher. People like Harvey don’t go into education to remain teachers because it doesn’t pay enough. They want positions of power, and they use their intersectional identity to obtain it. It works because the public schools are controlled by people who think like her. She made over $100K in 2015 as a “director” for the City of Boston.


Because people like Harvey spent almost no time teaching in actual classrooms, they don’t understand how hard it is for teachers to deal with unruly and disruptive students. When teachers write up students for swearing at them, disrupting the classroom repeatedly, and other offenses that prevent children from learning, administrators like Harvey send them immediately back to class with a “warning.” This is what “restorative justice” really means.

Prior to accepting her new job in Providence Harvey was previously the assistant principal at Edwards Middle School in Charlestown. On the Boston Public School’s website she is listed as a “BPS Role Model.”

It brags about her usage of “restorative practices,” and how they are an alternative to actual discipline.

Her PhD dissertation was on “racism and the narrative of African-American boys,” because clearly using race as a crutch to get ahead is the only thing this woman knows how to do.


Harvey herself was part of the METCO program when she was a student and was bussed into Lexington. She now gets paid to hold workshops about how race impacts student achievement.

Except the reason Lexington performs better than the Boston Public Schools isn’t because of race, but because the students come from families with more nurturing home environments where education is valued. You can get a fine education in the Boston Public Schools, it’s just harder because there are more distractions as a result of weak administrators like Stefani Harvey using restorative justice practices. Stefani Harvey succeeded in life because she came from a home where her parents valued education so much that they applied for her to attend school in a wealthy town. They don’t need restorative justice practices there because they don’t have many behavior problems. When students do act out it’s simply not tolerated – the exact opposite of restorative justice.

Northeastern University has also invited her as a panelist.

Stefani also works for a for profit consulting group called Strategy Matters LLC. Her bio states that she is a “community activist and educator who specializes in social justice and equity in education, particularly in addressing disparities for youth of color,” and highlights her “relentless work and support with LGBTQ self-identified youth.”

A lot of people would say that they won’t send their children to public schools because of educators like this. While I understand that line of thinking, I think it’s also important to keep in mind that a teacher sent this email to Nicole Solas because they were so alarmed by it. The vast majority of teachers in my department at Shepherd Hill were conservative. People like that have no shot at becoming administrators, but they are doing great work teaching in an unbiased and professional manner across the country.

The solution isn’t to abandon the public schools, it’s to be loud and vocal about what is being taught in your children’s classroom. When you see stuff like this call it out, email the school, and demand they take action. Never forget – they work for the public.


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