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Law and Order

Providence Man Raising Money For Attorneys To Sue Providence Police For Scratches Incurred While Resisting Arrest


This is Germaine Bruce from Providence.

And as you can see, his face oddly resembles an unkempt 19th century vagina.

Germaine is a career criminal who can’t stop drinking and driving and getting arrested for operating a vehicle without a license.

Yet despite his driving history (which is all recent)) he was still able to drive around in Providence on Saturday night, where he was summonsed to help a friend jump her car. Both he and her parked illegally, prompting the police to arrive, offer help, and otherwise stand there minding their own business. Germaine didn’t like this, mouthed off to them, and ended up getting arrested despite his protestations of dindu nuffin.

Pavement selfie!

So basically they were douchebags to the cops for absolutely no reason except for the fact that the police exist and were there, they told him repeatedly to back away, he kept getting near them anyway, and finally he was arrested and resisted.

He wasn’t the only one arrested either. This is Janelle Hazard.

Dog filter. Nuff said.

According to the Pubonic Plague his girl Janelle also dindu nuffin, but somehow ended up getting arrested as well.

“They towed my car and did an illegal search.”

If this upstanding single dad somehow has a license with his driving history then there pretty much are no rules in Rhode Island.

Janelle claims she was arrested for nothing as well, but upon further review she wouldn’t stop screaming at the police while they attempted to detain Germaine, they gave her several chances to back away, but nevertheless she persisted.

Pro tip – screaming racial slurs at police officer and then live streaming yourself as you also resist arrest is not evidence of innocence.

Now Germaine’s sister Kearra is spreading the word on social media, and urging people to donate so he can get not one, but two lawyers, and sue PPD.

A civil rights lawyer and a regular one.


But yea $3,500 oughta cover it.

Just like her bro, Kearra isn’t a fan of rules and regulations involving the operation of motor vehicles, which is why her infant  is forward facing when she drives.

But at least they match. Because…priorities.



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