Providence Mother Whose Son Assaulted Police At Sayles Street Riot Arrested For Selling Drugs In Cranston With 2 Other Kids In Apartment 


Read this story, then look at the mugshots and tell me if the woman on the right looks familiar.

Cranston Police announced Wednesday that they made two arrests and seized narcotics at a home that had gotten complaints. Officers surveilled the home on North View Avenue after receiving multiple complaints that people were visiting at all hours of the day and night in a manner authorities said was consistent with narcotics dealing. Officers stopped people seen leaving the house who were in possession of narcotics believed to have been purchased there. Police say they had been dispatched to the home 14 times over the past month. A search warrant was executed Tuesday morning. Authorities seized 78 grams of Psilocybin (psychedelic mushrooms), MDMA (ecstasy), 30.6 grams of marijuana, a digital scale, and other equipment.

Six other people were inside the house, including an eight-year-old and 14-year-old. The state Department of Children, Youth, and Families was notified and responded. Two occupants of the house were arrested. Christopher A Michaud, 30, is charged with two counts of manufacturing, possession, delivery of Schedule I/II Narcotic. Alynzea M Quaranta, 34, is charged with possession of a controlled substance (Scheduled I to V) 10 grams or less. The two occupants were arraigned Tuesday. Michaud was ordered held without bail, and Quaranta was released on $2,500 personal recognizance.

How bout now?

Alynzea Quaranta was one of the Sayles Street guttermuppets who couldn’t keep her 17 year old spawn under control during an hours long incident in Providence over the summer, then attempted to help him resist arrest, leading to a melee.

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Getting arrested for selling drugs with two kids in a Cranston crackhouse is just another Tuesday for the Providence Pickle Poacher. Her Google trophy collection is a ratchet Bingo of charges, including domestic violence, driving on a suspended license, evictions, credit card non-payment, shoplifting, breaking and entering, vandalism, drugs, and much more.

Remember, the immediate reaction of Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza, and several City Councillors and State Reps, was to blame the police for the way that incident on Sayles Street was handled. Absolutely no criticism was levied by them against the Providence Pickle Poacher or any of the other career criminals who wouldn’t stop trying to start fights with their neighbors. One of the officers was suspended without pay for 10 days, a GoFundMe was created for him, and it was removed after the ratchets complained about it. Dasha Kelly’s is still up.

Just remember, if Democrats have to choose between siding with career criminal, drug dealing, welfare collecting, neglectful parents like Alynzea Quaranta, and well respected police officers, they will ALWAYS choose to side with whoever is yelling “racism” the loudest. And it ain’t gonna be the cops. Every time you vote for Democrats this is the kind of society you are telling them you want to live in.

But at least there won’t be mean tweets.

The Providence Pickle Poacher made bail, and the first thing she did was jump on Facebook to clarify that she “neva been big in the neck,” that she “look beda then you for a fact,” and that she “deff ain’t on drugs sound dumm get off my dick.”

Yea guys, she’s not ON drugs. She just sells them. Drug dealers are cowards who would never sample their own product because they know what it turns their customers into.

She wasn’t concerned about her reputation as a parent who sells drugs with children in the house nearly as much as the neck comment though.

“I know I’m beautiful jus like I know the n***az is bord.”

I’m just gonna leave this here.

She is demanding that her co-conspirator be freed immediately so that he can immediately return to selling drugs with her and engaging in another raw dog rodeo.

Her girl Taffii Moore, the ringleader of the Sayles Street melee, has her back though.

Meanwhile, she’s also been busy hating on all the bad moms who “looses thea kids has another one looses that 1 n then plays step mommy wit ur n***a and his mane b****.”

FAXX! All you anti-faxxers out there can pound sand. Ms. Pickle Poacher is the “beda” parent because she “neva walked away from mine.” Unless she’s in handcuffs. Her and Taffii did a great job raising children who occasionally fight the cops and end up on Turtleboy.

Imagine your spawn looked like this and the conclusion you reached is that you did a good job.


She’s really upset about “n words who be chilling wit snitches”.

Even though she’s been arrested too many times to count, and mysteriously hasn’t lost her kids or been sent to jail. Wonder why that could be?

Anyway, she blocked me when I reached out to her to come onto the live show in July, but I’d like to formally invite her again. Please go on her open Facebook page, post a link to this blog, and let her know that I would like to have her on Saturday night.



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