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Poor Behavior

Providence Woman Publicly Shames Bride For Getting Married Without Masks Just Weeks After She Married Felon Without Masks While Collecting Food Stamps


Alivia Kent is a mother and aspiring goth model from Providence.

She is a member of a Massachusetts/Rhode Island wedding group for brides and recently saw a happy bride post pictures from her wedding day. The bride was very excited to have the wedding despite only having 73 people attend. It was a lovely post that inspired optimism for other brides who are getting married at the worst possible time.

Alivia saw this and decided to screenshot the post and shame the bride on Facebook and Reddit.

The happy bride was happy no more, deleted her post, and left the group. But instead of feeling any sort of shame, or need to apologize for being so horrible, Alivia bragged about what she had done and continued to shame the bride some more.

This is what happens in a society where we tell people that they are virtuous for wearing masks, while at the same time breeding hatred towards those who don’t by labeling them as killers. This unearned sense of moral superiority is brought to you by CNN and Joe Biden, which are basically one and the same at this point.

In fairness, I’d rather die from COVID (if only that were possible) then wake up every day and see this face.

Delete your life.

However, literally weeks before this Alivia also got married and posted pictures of the wedding where not a single one of her circus freak friends or children was wearing a mask.

You couldn’t make up this sort of hypocrisy if you tried.

She also brought her kids to crowded black lives matter riots in Providence, where Waraq instigated widespread looting of police cars and the Providence Place Mall.

She was recently upset that her blockade of I-95 in Providence was interrupted by the police, who had the audacity to yell at them to get off the highway before they became social justice speed bumps.

Not a single one of these frauds has ever been remotely worried about COVID. Not one. Nor should they be, because it’s just not very dangerous for people her age. People like Alivia just enjoy shaming other people for having the audacity to live their lives because for the first time ever they feel morally superior than someone else. This is the society we have created by buying into coronavirus hysteria.

She also supports America’s favorite paraplegic rapist Jacob Blake.

Just when you thought Alivia couldn’t get any more deplorable she also complained about only getting $350 worth of food stamps every month.

Don’t worry though, this welfare leech has plenty of money for hair extensions (a few hundred bucks) for her commie cold super spreader wedding.

How does an able bodied married woman with children qualify for food stamps? Well, for one thing I’m guessing she’s on some sort of “disability,” because she’s 29 years old and in the hospital all the time, and as a result she demands that “ableds” (people who aren’t 29 year old able bodied women pretending to be deftly ill) stay home to protect her while she goes out and riots with her kids on the taxpayer’s dime.

This is why I don’t wear a mask or stay home. I just couldn’t possibly care less about this woman’s health. I don’t believe she cares either because she wouldn’t be at super spreader protests if she did. If she died from COVID (which is nearly impossible) I wouldn’t shed a tear, and I certainly don’t think my children should be denied a right to an education to protect her. But alas, we have shut down our economy and our way of life to protect individuals like Alivia Kent.

So why doesn’t her husband Jason Magnan pay the bills without government assistance? He seems abled bodied.

Well, Jason has some Google trophies.

Lots and lots of Google trophies. They include violation of a no contact order.

Domestic strangulation and violation of a no contact order third offense.

Felony domestic assault.

Driving with an expired license.

More felony domestic assault.

And larceny.

He used to be married to another woman named Kaila, and the two of them didn’t like paying rent which ended up with them occasionally being evicted as well.

That was in 2011, but this tradition of squatting without paying the person who owns the property has continued to the present day with his new boo Alivia Kent.

They of course had a default judgement placed on them because showing up to court was just way too much work.

Probably why he’s selling brand new watches days before Christmas, which I’m sure he obtained legally and decided he no longer wanted.

Oh well, there’s always couch surfing.

If Alivia, Jason, or the poor bride she shamed would like to come on the live show this weekend to share their side of the story they are hereby invited to hit me up on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected]



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