Poor Behavior

Quincy Couple Tips Baby Carriage Over While Fighting Vagrant On Streets Of Braintree


This is Kayla Merchant and Steve Bollin from Quincy.

As you probably would’ve guessed by looking at them, they like to get high and break the law. Crackhead Danny Amendola has a plethora of charges in Quincy District Court, including beating up an elderly person, beating up a household member, beating someone with a dangerous weapon, selling drugs, driving while under the influence of drugs, and driving a car without a license.

Not to be outdone, Diet Hep-C also has three separate A&B charges, but no police reports linked for her most recent charge picked up on May 5.

Pretty much everything you need to know about these two slugpumps can be gleaned by reading the only comment under their ghetto engagement photos on Facebook.

If the only thing your friends and family have to say about your undying love for your ride or die wifey is “WHERE THE F*** MY MONEY AT?”, then you know you’re a complete degenerate who should not be allowed to reproduce. Unfortunately they did.

Diet Hep-C also has another child who she no longer has custody of, so the best way around that was to let Crackhead Danny Amendola throw a hot shot in her and give parenting another try.

Last week they were pushing their baby through the streets of Braintree when a man in flannel started mouthing off to them. Instead of just going on with their day Crackhead Danny Amendola did the only thing he knows how to do – started beating on the man and calling him the n word. But the crazy part was what Diet Hep-C did with the baby once she saw what was going on.

Oops, forgot something!

The most ratchet part about that was when she started yelling “get em baby, get em,” AFTER she had run back to the carriage and picked it up. Don’t check on your baby or anything to make sure the screaming and horrified child is OK. Just keep encouraging your raw dog Rambo to keep pummeling on the random street bum who disrespected his honor.

The people filming this were obviously horrified, so naturally Diet Hep-C had to get up their grill too.

Filters should be illegal.


At least this one kind of looks like her.


Imagine if Kayla had spent her time in school learning instead of complaining on Facebook that she was out of weed and cigarettes, while bemoaning English class.

With that kind of attitude towards school she could’ve gone to the prom with Colin Albert.

No need to contact DCF though, because Kayla claims she called DCF first to report the haters.

DCF said the video of her pushing her baby over in a carriage in order to jump in the fight that her sperm donor just chose to involve himself in, was “cropped.” In fairness, this makes about as much sense as the things Adam Lally regularly says in court.

Meanwhile, Crackhead Danny Amendola has thoughts about DCF and people who endanger children.

Hopefully the DCF Fairy pays these lovebirds a visit, because that poor baby has zero chance of not growing up to be just like them (if he makes it that far) if he’s not adopted out ASAP.


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    1. Braintree finest crystal meth xanax bars and fentanyl and alcohol are a hell of a combo its well known in braintree that they are part of the “Meth Monster Brigade”

  1. Man…I live in SoCal and there are plenty of lowlifes here, but E.Coast type are aspecial breed.

    “Filters should be illegal.”

    NO. DOUBT!

  2. Smh they are braintree not quincy though so no surprise there this is not funny but when she said get em baby get em i was dumbfounded thats what crystal meth and xanax do to people just ask around about that part of it

  3. She hasn’t had custody of her other kid in years either and the father of the new child lives in his grandmas basement in his 30s eating Xanax all day . Hopefully this child gets away too and has a chance. Most parents would look down at there son and choose them over a sissy fight but hey

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