Quincy Grandmother Films Herself Driving On Highway With Drug Addict Daughter’s Non-Custodial Toddler Not In Carseat 


This is Courtney Mackie, originally from the Whitman area, who now lives in Salem.

This Salem Spunk Trunk reproduced a few times, most recently with some guy, doesn’t really matter who because she doesn’t have custody anyway. That’s because she has the “disease” that makes you voluntarily spend what little money you earned the “old fashioned” way on Diego’s new product, as opposed to purchasing diapers, food, and shelter for the child. Nevertheless, if you criticize her parenting skills you are in fact a “bum ass bitch with no swag,” and/or and “ugly average hoe.”

In May she began a new relationship with a man named Dylan DeSousa from Taunton.

The hat. Nuff said.

When she announced to the world that she was entering a relationship with Chucky Chinstrap many didn’t take this news well, including her family.

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Oh good, it’s her junkie friend’s boo. Let’s celebrate this historic relationship with a fancy night out at the Olive Garden!

Chucky Chinstrap apparently just got out of jail and had a message for all the haters and fake n words.

This relationship will certainly last longer than the last one he announced about in this legendary October sentagraph.

I don’t know what any of that means, but he’s got a Tik Tok now, so that’s good.

Dylan and Courtney had a lot in common. Mostly their mutual love of fentanyl and the ample amount of free time both of them have without custody of their offspring. According to Dylan they were going to spend the rest of their lives together.

And sadly for him this was true, because he died in a freak scooter moped crash less than two months later in Salem, in which speed was a factor.

Now her baby is left in the hands of her mother Sheree from Quincy, who also has a boyfriend who celebrates overdose awareness month.

As you can see, Grandma Gravy Dumpster looks like she got beat up by a pile of losing Keno tickets covered in warm dollar draft beer. Unfortunately between her and the Salem Spunk Trunk, she is the superior parent, so she has custody of her granddaughter. Over the weekend she filmed the toddler while driving on the highway without a carseat blasting the hoodbooger national anthem. 

Wow that’s dangerous! That poor kid isn’t even wearing a mask! She could get COVID-19! Imagine we lived in a world where people were as concerned with the parenting epidemic as they were the coronavirus pandemic? That would be cool.


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