Quincy Man Beats And Robs 92 Year Old Woman, Girlfriend Pretends To Be Good Samaritan Afterwards

Editor’s Note: There was an update to this story that we discussed on the Live Show

One of the ratchets involved in this 2017 story was recently released from prison. 

A couple days ago a 92 year old woman was assaulted and robbed in Quincy by some junkbox, when a “good samaritan” came along and helped her out afterwards. Turns out the good samaritan was really just a junkbox coconspirator:

I guess the lesson here is simple – never, ever buy the Boston Globe.

Luckily we now know their names, which can only mean one thing – time for an old school Turtleboy public shamefest!!

Meet Markell Cruz and his pet slampig Kayla Noel Brown:

When they’re not robbing and assaulting little old ladies you can find them fornicating behind a dumpster of any local Chinese restaurant where they anxiously await the arrival of their next meal. Ya see, they have the “disease.” But he was clean for all of five minutes back in September and thus had earned the right to act like some sort of wise elder statesman who had actually overcome addiction:

Now they’re back to robbing and assaulting 92 year old women so they can finance their “disease.” It’s totally not their fault either. Sure, they could target someone younger who could actually fight back. But they need that money NOW because Diego got that new package of blue magic and he’s not giving out free testers anymore. The “disease” makes you target people who don’t have the physical capabilities to stop you from robbing them. They had no choice.

Meanwhile she has 2 children, neither of whom she as custody of. But she likes to show the baby off at “meetings” where she brags about how sober she is:

What about the older kid?

Looks like getting high was more important than raising your child. Not her fault though.

So sick of the excuses from the junkbox enablers. You’re literally going to bat for human garbage that assaults 92 year old women on walkers who have the misfortune of living around these useless slugrakes. Remember this the next time someone whines about Turtleboy being mean to junkies. We care about little old ladies. Able bodied junkies who put their own selfish desires over their families and the well being of strangers can take a one way trip to ratchet island and never be seen again for all I care.


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