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Quincy Man’s Brother, And Racist Mother Threaten To Fight Everyone After Girlfriend Neglects Cat To The Point Of Starvation, Gets Called Out In Facebook Post


A woman named Dra Huynh, who’s originally from the Quincy area but has since moved to California, posted on Facebook yesterday about a cat named Tinkerbelle that her ex-boyfriend gave away to a Quincy woman named Megan Provenzano, who happened to be a client of his. According to Dra, Megan held onto the cat for four months, neglected and/or abused it, and then threw her out of the car on the door step of her ex-boyfriend.

This is Megan.

Nuff said.

She took responsibility for the cat while living with her boyfriend. They have since broken up, and she’s attempting to pin it on him. However, the cat wasn’t given to her ex-boyfriend, it was given to her, and she is ultimately responsible.

Megan has since broken up with the guy she’s blaming the abuse on after getting impregnated by this winner:


His name is Jimmy Lupo, and as you can see, he is every white guy from Quincy ever. Since they can’t take care of a cat I’m sure they’ll do a great job with a human being. They’re way easier than cats.

Tinkerbelle is an older feline and Dra’s ex-boyfriend was apparently busy with life traffic so she offered to take the cat in. This is pretty reckless on his part, as it’s ill advised to rehome a cat to a Quincy ratchet and not expect bad things to happen.

According to Dra the cat was malnourished to the point where you could see her bones, she wouldn’t lift her head off the floor, she would lay flat out on the kitchen floor, and she still hasn’t moved from that spot since. She won’t eat, and when she does it’s only a couple bites, she can barely walk and when she does she limps in pain.

Jimmy Lupo, AKA Jimmy DaKehd, is at least the 6th toughest guy in Quincy, but he’s a lover first.

When he saw that someone was badmouthing his soon to be baby momma on the Facebook machine he sprang into action to defend her honor on the post.

At this point things took a turn for the EBT as the Quincy Queef Whisperer summonsed his short bus brother Brandon and together they challenged everyone in the comments to a fight.

Mom really did a bang up job with these two.

Speaking of Mom, Janice Lupo saw the post and reached out to Dra, demanding that she remove the post while telling her to go back to her country (USA).

Just to be clear, she’s threatening her on behalf of her son, not her grandson. Her grandson is inside the cat abuser’s womb and is dreading the day he has to emerge from her baby cannon and face the reality of his white trash existence.

Things got really ghetto as they attempted to establish where everyone was listed in the Quincy hardo rankings.

I don’t know what any of this means but I’m sure it’s all very important.

Jimmy then threw his address out there if anyone wanted to come and pass him in the power rankings.

Who lives at 18 Fensmere Ave?

That would be racist ma dukes.

Pro tip – if you are trying to establish street cred on Facebook, don’t challenge people to meet up at your Mom’s house to fight. Especially if it’s a 2 bedroom house that you and your brother live in, which probably means you share a room.

According to Jimmy his white supremacist Mom likes to watch him fight challengers who show up on their stoop.

She doesn’t rent – she owns. Meanwhile, he does neither.

He seemed genuinely upset that no one took him up on his offer to meet him at his Mom’s house to exchange fisticuffs.

Then he began bragging about his baseball card collection, like any Internet bad ass would.

Nevertheless, he insisted that in spite of the fact that he lives with his Mom, shares a room with his brother, collects baseball cards, and knocked up a cat abuser, that people should know his name due to the fact that he’s the 6th toughest guy in Quincy.

His street cred is apparently being a guest at several correctional institutions throughout the state.

Watch out folks, he walked the yard at a minimum security prison after getting PC’d for the weekend on a drunk and disorderly. He’s a bad ass now.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more ratchet his racist Mom began sporadically using Jimmy’s account to instigate a fight with the women commenting, signing every one of her comments with “Lupo’s Mom.

Believe me, I’m just as confused as you are.

Finally the whole family started making fun of Dra for being Asian by telling her that she eats dogs and needs to go back her country.

The lesson here is that you should never rehome a pet unless you absolutely have to, and if you do choose to do that then be really careful who you give it to. If her Facebook profile pictures is this:

Then she’s probably going to get knocked up by the 6th toughest guy in Quincy, neglect the cat until it’s almost dead, throw it back on your porch, and end up on Turtleboy. And it will largely be your fault for having such horrible judgement.


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