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Quincy Mom Proclaims Daughter’s Innocence On Facebook After Being Arrested For Stabbing Death Of Quincy Man


NBCPolice said they have made an arrest in connection with a fatal stabbing last weekend in Quincy, Massachusetts. Alyssa Dellamano, 22, of Quincy, was arrested at a residence in Weymouth on Wednesday morning on a murder warrant out of Quincy District Court, the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office said. She was scheduled to be arraigned sometime Wednesday afternoon. Police also arrested Samantha Perrier, 24, of Dedham, and charged her with misleading the investigation. Cameron Nohmy, 24, of Quincy, was stabbed around 10:45 p.m. on Friday near Hancock and Woodbine streets in the city’s Wollaston neighborhood, prosecutors said. Nohmy was transported to Boston Medical Center and pronounced dead, police said. Police were notified of the incident by associates of Nohmy, prosecutors said. Authorities haven’t said what they believe led up to the fatal stabbing.

Based on a lot of the comments I’ve read from ex-girlfriends, no one is surprised that the Quincy Taco Tickler ended up killing someone. The victim sadly appears to be a well liked, completely normal gainfully employed young man with a bright future ahead of him, and the motive is not known. However, what is known is that the beaver retriever is notoriously ratchet and comes from what is quite possibly the most Quincy family of all time. Meet Mom.

“Stay home save lives.”

Lady, I hate to break it to you but statistically an average person in Quincy is much more likely to die if they cross her muff marauding daughter than they are if they get COVID.

Joellen’s days of being passed around by Guns n Roses cover bands are long gone, and now she’s a responsible parent going full free muh boi for her handsome daughter on Facebook.

If your family pictures involve Fila sandals with socks, blunts, middle fingers, wife beaters, headstones, Dunkin Donuts cups filled up with Mad Dog 20/20, and you refer to yourselves as a “couple kids from Dorchester,” odds are one of you is going to jail for murder eventually. That’s just science.

And this is the most Quincy family photograph ever taken.

The dump truck juxtaposed in the background is like a metaphor for their lives.

Like mother.

Like daughter.

Anyway, Mom took down her dindu nuffin post and comments on the QPD Facebook page, but if she’d like to come on the live show to advocate for her daughter Alyssa she’s more than welcomed to join us.

P.S. Mom was president of the pumpkin spice mafia before it was cool in 2006.


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