Quincy Woman Horrified To Find People Eating Without Masks On In Downtown Restaurant, Documents Elderly Women At Doctor’s Office Reading With Nose Uncovered


This is Sue Jackson from Quincy.

Over the weekend she decided to put on her brave face and venture out into public to pick up some food at The Fours Restaurant in downtown Quincy, knowing that she could die at any minute if she came in contact with someone whose face wasn’t covered by a cheap piece of cloth.

Holy guacamole!

Human beings.

Eating food.

Without masks on.

We’re all going to die now.

Sue Jackson has NEVER been this angry before. Probably because she doesn’t own a business that has been locked down by the government in order to soothe the baseless fears of Karens like herself. If she was forced to stop doing business for a year after being told that this was just going to be “15 days to stop the spread,” then she would be REALLY angry!

I’ve said it before and it bears repeating – if you’re this afraid of COVID you should never leave your house, and especially do NOT let anyone in your house who has been outside. After all, studies show that 74% of COVID transmissions occur within the home. Your ridiculous fear of a silly virus that has almost no chance of killing you does not take away the right of free assembly for others, and the right of a business owner to conduct business.

The fact that people post stuff like this on Facebook without shame is a testament to what we’ve allowed our society to become by not standing up to people like Sue Jackson. They think it’s completely normal to take pictures of elderly people in waiting rooms in order to shame them on social media for not wearing their masks correctly.

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Imagine saying you were frightened by an elderly woman reading a book, and then thinking that you’re the normal person? That woman, whose image was shared on Facebook for the crime of not fogging up her glasses while reading a book, would be higher risk if she got COVID. But she chooses to be slightly free anyway. Meanwhile, the Karens who would not be killed by COVID are the ones frightened.

“This is why it’s never going to end.”

No, it’s not ending because we allow the government to continue doing it to us and then blame our fellow man instead of the people who are choosing to do this to us. The government encourages us to behave this way by telling us not to live our lives and suggesting that those who don’t comply are killing people, while they go out and eat dinner at the French Laundry or get together with three generations of family in Delaware.

Sue is another one of those people who believes she’s some sort of hero for getting takeout because she’s supporting small businesses. Newsflash – smearing a business on Facebook as a grandma killing virus factory is not helping them because this is what happens when you do that.

These people are pure evil, and we must always call them out on their behavior. They should be ashamed and embarrassed, and we will continue to shame and embarrass them. These business owners who pay the taxes that keep cities running have sacrificed more than anyone during this “pandemic.” They’ve barely survived, and now they have to worry about people like Sue Jackson who make it even harder for them to conduct business.

The worst people are the ones who repeat the “COVID would be over if everyone had just worn masks from June to November” lie. Newsflash – mask mandates have been here for months, and every state that has mask mandates has seen a dramatic rise in cases. It’s almost as if a virus is gonna virus, and smothering yourself with a face diaper isn’t going to stop it from spreading. This lie is just a way for the government to get citizens to turn on each other, point fingers, and blame their neighbors for being the reason restaurants and schools aren’t open, instead of blaming the government for closing restaurants and schools for no reason.

Sue herself even admits that masks don’t even work.

We are no longer living in reality. Idiots like this have taken over.

Comment of the day went to Courtney Madden though, after Sue was called a Karen.

Calling white women Karens is now racist against black people because, cultural appropriation. The best part was when she checked her own privilege by announcing that she would be referring to her non-existent black friends as BIPOC, rather than POC (people of color).

Guys, every day Courtney wakes up and scours the Internet to find out what words she’s allowed to use, and what words that she was allowed to use a week ago that she can no longer use. Please clap.

She fixed racism.

My favorite thing to do with people like Sue Jackson is go back to early June and late May to see if they were equally as frightened about tens of thousands of people standing shoulder to shoulder in every major American city to show their respects for the Patron Saint of Fentanyl.

Turns out the virus only spreads when you’re eating food, so as long as we all starve to death and never leave our homes we’ll be safe. Because, science.


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