Quincy Woman Previously Featured In 2019 Turtleboy Blog “Thelma And Sleaze” Arrested For Stealing From Murdered Weymouth Woman She Was Living With


Earlier in the week we reported that Michael Proctor was still working homicide cases, despite being under State Police Internal Affairs Investigation, and had been assigned lead investigator in the Weymouth murder of 56 year old Christine Mello.

Yesterday two suspects, 44 year old Kelly Shaw and 45 year old John Harper, were arrested for financial crimes after they got caught using Mello’s credit card.

Look at these winners.

Mello apparently was a nice woman who took in vagrants like this to help them get their lives on track, so they rewarded her kindness by murdering her and stealing her money. She has apparently been dead since at least January.

If Kelly Shaw rings a bell it might be because she was featured in a Turtleboy blog more than 5 years ago entitled: “Thelma And Sleaze Lose Pills In Peabody, Go To Peabody Police To Pick Them Up Despite Being Wasted With Warrants, Smash Into Parked Car Once They Realize It’s A Setup,”  after she:

  • Left her purse at a CVS in Peabody that was returned to police
  • Went to the police station to pick it up
  • Got arrested after she arrived due to open warrants out of Quincy District Court
  • Fought with police and resisted arrest, leading to more charges after unprescribed Zannies, Adderall, and Klonopin came flying out of her purse during a struggle
  • Her ride to the police station Jennifer Faye attempted to flea the scene because she was driving without a license and was high, and ended up crashing into a Peabody Police vehicle
  • Faye fled the scene and was picked up at Bunghole Liquors where she was charged with her third DUI

Somehow this:

Turned into that:

That’s a Quincy filter if I’ve ever seen one.

Kelly Shaw has been charged eight different times with a variety of crimes, but never seems to go to jail.

Because in Norfolk County they have no desire to put anyone in jail unless they make YouTube videos mocking Colin Albert. Sure, their leniency directly led to a woman being murdered in her home, but at least Michael and Elizabeth Proctor didn’t get their feelings hurt. That’s what really matters to Michael Morrissey.


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