Race Baiting Blue Checkmark Guy Gets Woman Fired For “Racism” After Harassing And Filming Her At Brooklyn Dog Park


This is Frederick Joseph, blue checkmark Brooklyn SJW on Twitter and  “best selling” about how to be a better white person.

Go through his Twitter feed and you’ll see that this dude pretty much only talks about racism and how oppressed he is living in one of the most expensive parts of the country, despite the fact that all the wealth he has accumulated would not be possible if he were white.

Over the weekend Fred was walking his dog in a park when he began filming a “white woman,” who he claimed threatened to call the cops on him and told him to “stay in your hood,” because she confused his dog with another dog that had been barking loudly. Of course none of this was caught on tape, just the part where he’s harassing her.

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The last time we saw a race baiting black guy at a dog park claim he was the victim of racism by using a video with no context to dox a white woman was Franklin Baxley at the Attleboro dog park in 2019. He turned out to be a drug dealing, career criminal, woman beating felon who lied about the whole thing to destroy a nurse’s life. But even he had a better video than this one, which has no context or evidence. Much like Franklin Baxley, Fred Joseph was clearly harassing the woman, and was determined to find out who she was, dox her, and destroy her life, which he succeeded in doing.

He found out Emma Sarley worked at a tech company called Bevy HQ, which organizes “community led events,” and he contacted her gutless boss Derek Anderson, who promptly fired her like the spineless coward he is.

He then posted a video on Twitter in which he celebrated Emma Sarley’s newfound unemployment by declaring that “consequences are important,” and that it “brings up a conversation about accountability”

The problem with that guy is he’s never been punched in the face before. Just a baby soft suburban kid who moved to Williamsburg and pretends to be oppressed because the money is good.

“I hope Emma learns from this.”

Oh she learned. She learned that she will lose her job if an activist with a blue checkmark harasses her and then posts the video of him doing that online, while accusing her of being a racist with zero evidence to back it up.

“A racist attack against my fiance and I.”

“Whether Emma lost her job or not doesn’t take away the trauma that my fiance and I felt”

“Having to bear the burden of racism’

“Victims shouldn’t have to coddle people engaging in their abuse.”

Victim? This is a grown man who says he has trauma because a white woman walking her dog allegedly said “stay in your hood,” which almost definitely never happened. Yet this bootleg Carlton Banks is constantly whining about white fragility on Twitter.

Oh, and he’s also a pretty big racist himself, and really doesn’t like it when black guys impregnate white women.

But it’s OK, because he’s black. When you’re not white you can’t be fragile or racist. I learned in critical race theory.

He says that cancel culture isn’t real, while literally defining what cancel culture is in action.

Despite claiming to be the oppressed, Fred Joseph held all the power during that interaction. He aggressively confronted and followed a woman half his size who was attempting to walk away, but more importantly he has over 100,000 followers on social media that he weaponized to find this woman’s identity and destroy her life permanently.

There used to be a time when men would be embarrassed and ashamed to treat women like this. A man should feel humiliated to say that he is traumatized by a 120 pound woman walking her dog. Of course he’s not really traumatized, he’s just a pampered, baby soft beta cuck with a long and documented history of doing this to white women.

Yet he’s still out here trying to act like some street tough hardo, referring to his friends as “my n words.”

Your n words all went to Columbia law school my dude.

Then there was that time he launched an online mob targeting an Airbnb, falsely accusing them of having satanic items in the house.

It’s just what he does.

Meanwhile, Bevy CEO Derek Anderson couldn’t wait to cave to Fred Joseph’s woke mob.

This is what we’re dealing with here.

Big yikes.

Derek is an extremely wealthy white tech bro from Palo Alto, who likely has no black or brown people in his neighborhood. Last year he woke up and suddenly realized he also has no black employees.

Either because he was hiring the most qualified people he could find, or because he’s a huge racist and just realized it. But after George Floyd died he suddenly realized that he had to oppose racial injustice.

So he brought in a bunch of black investors, tagging them on social media like the token woke trophies he views them as.

He also took his kids out for a march to stop Asian hate and made sure to document it on social media, because without that how would we know how he feels about Asian hate?

Here’s the thing though with people like Derek Anderson – this is all just performative nonsense. They virtue signal like this because it’s good for business. But before this suddenly became the thing you had to do people like Derek used to be able to make Asian jokes online with no consequences.

He’s also a big fan of the r word.

But the mentally challenged are not a protected or marginalized group, and those with down syndrome won’t be as traumatized while reading those tweets as Fred Joseph was at the dog park.

And just for kicks he’s Islamophobic.

By the rules that Derek follows he must fire himself as CEO, which he should’ve done a long time ago because he’s white. Come on Derek, put the “quit” in equity and give your position up to a person of color. You are participating in white supremacy.

The reason that people like Fred Jospeh and Derek Alexander always have old and offensive tweets is because being a bigot used to be how people intimidated and bullied the powerless. Now it’s the exact opposite – pretending to be anti-bigotry is how you bully and intimidate people. It’s the same people, they’ve just adapted to woke culture because it’s the dominant culture now. They don’t have a problem, and they’re not traumatized. They just get off on hurting other people, and our society allows it to happen. In a just world Fred Joseph and Derek Alexander would be the ones getting cancelled, so feel free to have some fun with Bevy HQ’s Facebook page, and demand that Derek Alexander be fired for his insensitive comments on the mentally retarded.


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