Rachael Rollins Chooses Not To Prosecute 9 Criminal Charges That Her Siblings Committed, 3-Time Felon Brother Released From Prison Shortly After Drug Arrest And Election


When Rachael Rollins first ran for Suffolk County District Attorney she stirred controversy by announcing that she wouldn’t be filing charges against criminals for committing 15 hand picked crimes.

But upon further examination it appears as if doing so would directly benefit several members of the Rollins family.

JK Rollins is the oldest of 5 kids, and grew up comfortably in Cambridge where she attended an elite private school, and went on to play lacrosse at The UMass (Amherst). While running for office Rollins alluded to the fact that members of her family had run-ins with the law.

Rollins was candid during the campaign about her own family’s involvement in the criminal justice system, saying it provides another valuable dimension to her thinking on the issues facing a DA. Both of her brothers have served time in jail, and one is currently being held on a probation violation. A sister has struggled with addiction. Rollins also had her own early brush with the law, a charge of receiving stolen goods – a pair of sneakers – when she was 19, a case that was continued and eventually dismissed.

However, she’s really downplaying their involvement in the criminal justice system, as her brothers are guilty of much more than a probation violation, and her youngest sister is more than just an addict. Rollins’ other sister Rebekah Splaine Salwasser is the executive director of the Red Sox Foundation.

She and Road Rage Rollins seem to be the success stories in the family. The other three siblings have long and documented criminal records and would all benefit from their sister’s refusal to prosecute 15 crimes. Here’s a checklist of crimes that younger siblings Elizabeth, Matthew, and Jonathan Splaine have been charged with.

That’s Jonathan, Matthew, Elizabeth, Rachael, and Rebekah left to right.

Her sister Elizabeth Splaine of Medford is a hot mess extraordinaire.


She has that “disease” that’s been going around. Not gonorrhea, the voluntary disease where you choose to inject poison into your veins, then steal from everyone you love and become Diego’s prime time hooker before dumping off your children on your older sister to raise. Her google trophies include engaging in sex for a fee, various drug possession, armed robbery, and shoplifting.

The 2017 shoplifting and resisting arrest charge happened on Mass Ave in Boston, the same street Rachael Rollins told Howie Carr she avoids due to the volume of drug addicts that frequent it.

Several of Elizabeth’s charges are on Rollins list of crimes she won’t charge people with in Suffolk County. Unfortunately for her sister Medford is in Middlesex County, so she’ll have to travel to Chelsea if she wants to shoplift. Luckily for her, big sister is pushing for legalized heroin injection sites in Boston, something outgoing US Attorney Andrew Lelling adamantly opposes.

Not surprisingly Elizabeth was very enthusiastic about her sister winning office.




As you can see Rollins often has her daughter, along with Elizabeth’s two kids, along with her for photo ops. Her daughter Peyton is actually one of the best hurdlers in the country, and attends Buckingham Browne & Nichols, the $50K a year Cambridge private school that her mother attended.

For someone who protested that her children’s lives were in danger because Boston 25 News came to her house for an interview, she sure doesn’t mind voluntarily using her DA platform to post their names and pictures.

It should be noted that Rollins lives in Boston, and if she sent her kids to public schools they would not be able to compete in track because the Boston Public Schools have refused to reopen and are not allowing kids to participate in winter sports. They have to watch as kids in the suburbs, and at private schools like the one her daughter attends, get to participate.

“So when you have students calling you and saying, ‘Hey, I just saw my friend doing tryouts in XYZ. Why can’t we play in the city?’” she said, “I think that’s the delicate dance and the balance we’re trying to find is being safe, but providing our students with equal opportunity that some of their suburban friends have.”


The Teacher’s Unions refusal to reopen and denial of opportunities to students for color in inner-cities, while predominantly white suburban districts went on as business as usual with masks on, will go down as one of the most egregious examples of systemic racism in the 21st century.

Rollins’ brothers Jonathan and Matthew have a much more violent criminal past and present, and like their sister they have been charged with several crimes that Rollins plans on not prosecuting. In 2012 Matthew plead guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm, along with distribution of heroin.

He was sentenced to three years in prison.

In 2018, the year Rollins was elected, Matthew was on probation from the felony convictions. It was at that time that the brother of a man who had allegedly overdosed on heroin sold to him by Matthew Splaine decided to get revenge by setting Splaine up in a sting with the Somerville Police Department.

On August 17th, 2018 Narcotics Detectives received information from Detective James Hyde that a Mr. XXXX suffered a fatal overdose. Detective Hyde also stated that XXXX’s brother, XXXX, was likely going to seek retribution for his death.

On Saturday, August 18th, 2018, I, Detective Goncalves, was working in the Somerville Police Drug Unit along with Detective Cicerone and Sgt. Rego. At approximately 10 a.m., Detective Cicerone received a phone call from Mr. XXXX. He explained that he wanted to seek retribution for his brother’s death and wanted police assistance. Mr. XXXX provided Detective Cicerone with the name of the dealer as well as his phone number. He referred to this individual as ” XXXX ” and the phone number he provided for him was xxxx. Mr. XXXX offered to call ” XXXX ” and arrange a meeting with him to buy (2) forty dollar bags of Heroin.

Based off of the information provided to Detectives, Sgt. Rego was able to run the phone number on CLEAR and identify ” XXXX ” as Mr. Matthew Splaine. A CJIS query was conducted on Mr. Splaine, and a Board of Probation check indicated a lengthy criminal history involving narcotics charges and an open case in Boston Federal Court for Possession with Intent to Distribute Class A (Heroin) as well as Possession of a Firearm.

At approximately 10:30 a.m., Detective Cicerone and I, as well as Sgt. Rego met Mr. XXXX in the area of 3x Shore Drive (XXXX). Mr. XXXX made a phone call to Mr. Splaine and ordered (2) forty dollar bags of Heroin. Their meeting would take place at this location.

At approximately 10:45 a.m., I observed a blue Ford Ranger Pickup bearing Massachusetts registration xxxx pull into the lot of the boathouse and park in the far corner. Detectives were able to identify the driver as Mr. Matthew Splaine. At this time, Detectives exited their unmarked vehicles and approached Mr. Splaine. Immediately, Mr. Splaine began placing his hands in his pockets and was not complying with Detectives orders. Based off his lengthy criminal record and a current open case for possession of a firearm, Detective Cicerone and Sgt. Rego drew their department issued firearm and gave Mr. Splaine verbal commands to get on the ground. Mr. Splaine did not comply and began moving away from Detectives.

Detectives guided Mr. Splaine to the ground in an effort to handcuff him. Mr. Splaine continued to resist arrest and refused to comply with Detectives commands to place his hands behind his back. After a couple minutes Detectives were able to handcuff Mr. Splaine. A pat frisk of Mr. Splaine was conducted and a small baggie of a brown powdery substance believed to be Heroin was found in his cargo pant pocket. Mr. Splaine was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters in marked wagon #200, operated by Officer Rivera. He was booked in the usual manner by Sgt. Rico and charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Class A, Subsequent (Heroin), Resisting Arrest and Drug Violation in School/Park.

Resisting arrest and drug possession with intent to distribute are both on her “do not prosecute” list, but heroin dealers like her brother are not victims caught up in the system. They are people who profit off of the destruction of vulnerable human life.

If you’re counting at home, Matthew already had felonies on his record at the time of the 2012 felony arrest, then was charged with a felony again in 2018 while on probation. Rollins clearly downplayed what the probation violation was, and why he was on probation in the first place. He’s not some drug addict like his sister. He’s a lifetime, unrepentant, and dangerous criminal who deserves to be behind bars. In late 2018 he appealed his drug conviction and lost. But his sister won election the next month, and then miraculously the next year he was released from prison early despite his long criminal history.

Rollins is also attempting to get 64 convicted drug dealers out of jail by using the Sonja Farak drug testing scandal. It just so happens that her brother is a drug dealer, and people of his ilk will benefit from this.

A Jonathan Splaine of Medford was arrested in 1993 for malicious destruction. I cannot confirm that it’s the same Splaine brother of Rollins, but the suspect was 18 and living in Medford, which is the same age and location for him.

In 2012 he and Matthew were arrested in a Cambridge drug and gun bust.

Jonathan Splaine, 36, of 62 Clarendon Avenue in Cambridge was arrested and charged with Possession to Distribute Class B Drug, Possession of a Class C Drug, and Drug Violation near School/Park after police executed two additional search warrants.

Later in 2012 he was arrested in Wayland for driving without a license.

In 2015 he was arrested in Cambridge on outstanding warrants.

According to Rollins she has chosen not to prosecute these 15 crimes, nine of which her siblings have been charged with, because it would put offenders into a system they could never get out of.

Rollins unsettled law enforcement officials by declaring that her default policy would be to not seek charges for 15 lower-level offenses that she said too often end up being entry points for a downward spiral of involvement in the criminal justice system.

But the “entry points” for her brothers were felony gun and drug distribution charges. Her sister continues to get arrested and doesn’t end up in jail, which means that she’s not getting caught in the “system” that progressives like Rollins pretends exists in this country.

In September Rollins released a list of 136 police officers she considered to be problematic. But instead of shaming police officers who have never been charged with or convicted of a crime, why doesn’t she put out a list of criminals who have committed multiple felonies and remain free so that people are aware and can stay away from them? People like her brothers are dangerous.

Some may argue that Rollins overcame adversity, beat the odds, and shouldn’t be faulted for the crimes of her siblings, and I would certainly agree with the last part. But the fact of the matter is she comes from a privileged background that has somehow evolved into a family of felons. She has vowed not to prosecute crimes her siblings committed after obtaining power. We’ve seen from her treatment of civilians, news reporters, and police officers how she intends to wield that power. As long as she is the district attorney it will be law abiding citizens who get punished, while people who poison our society with drugs and guns are forgiven.


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