Rachael Rollins Distances Herself From Monica Cannon-Grant In Boston Herald Interview After Reacting To Racist Attack On Ayanna Pressley Challenger Rayla Campbell 


The Boston Herald has picked up on our story about Monica Cannon-Grant.

This story is going to destroy her, and it’s extremely well done.

A Black Republican who’s challenging U.S. Rep. Ayanna Pressley says she’s fled her Randolph home in fear for her life after a Boston activist’s video went viral questioning the woman’s Blackness and making crude references to her sex with her white husband.

“This is racism to the ultimate level. … Racism is racism no matter where it comes from,” Rayla Campbell, the Randolph Republican, told the Herald on Tuesday. “I was horrified and absolutely terrified. I had to uproot my family and just stay elsewhere.”

In a Friday video widely disseminated by the blog Turtleboy over the weekend, Roxbury community activist Monica Cannon-Grant repeatedly called Campbell a “heifer” and made frequent crude references to Campbell’s white husband. Cannon-Grant, who’s also Black, took issue with Campbell’s run against Pressley, as well as white district attorneys’ opposition to Suffolk DA Rachael Rollins. Cannon-Grant said that Black women should defend fellow Black women like Pressley and Rollins, particularly against white opposition.

Campbell, who’s running a write-in campaign to get on the November ballot, said she wants apologies from Cannon-Grant, Pressley and U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy III, who also has touted Cannon-Grant’s support in his U.S. Senate run, but the two members of Congress didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Yes Rayla! That’s how politics is done right there. You demand that everyone associated with Monica Cannon-Grant disavow her. We didn’t make these rules, the left did. However, we will enforce them so long as they are enforced on us. Joe Kennedy and Ayanna Pressley have chosen to openly associate with and promote this woman. I’d throw Elizabeth Warren, Marty Walsh, Michelle Wu, Andrea Campbell, and Julia Mejia on the list too. They hitched their wagons to her. Some of them donated money to her. Now they have to explain to the public whether or not they support this sort of racist attack on a black woman.

Monica is not going to like what Rachael Rollins had to say about her.

Rollins has quickly distanced herself from the video, telling the Herald and Campbell herself that the attacks on Campbell’s family life are deeply inappropriate. Rollins confirmed that she called Campbell to check on her and condemn the video. The DA said she told Campbell — who she said she’s never met before — that she had nothing to do with the video.

“Public attacks that go after innocent family members and children are a bridge too far,” Rollins said. “I have not watched the video that Monica made, but I am told that it makes reference to Rayla’s husband, his race, and intimate aspects of their relationship. How is this relevant to a candidate’s electability, policy and platform? It isn’t. Who someone chooses to love and the people they call family are deeply personal and completely off-limits during campaigns.”


That will be a little bit awkward at the next rally, although at this rate Monica will soon be shunned from civilized society and not legitimate politician will be seen around her.

This is why I do have some respect for Rachael Rollins. Unlike Pressley and Kennedy she didn’t ignore the Herald. If a republican said something this awful Pressley and Kennedy would be out there grandstanding and demanding disavowals left and right. As horrible as her politics are, and as awful as she is to law enforcement, Rachael Rollins is a savvy politician. She knows dead weight when she sees it, and she comment on everything. She goes on Tucker and Howie, and three weeks ago her office contacted me personally to tell me they were cutting bait with a supporter who was posting pictures of BPD’s homes on Twitter. Keep in mind, Rollins’ father is white. So hearing this woman accuse Rayla of “riding white penis” probably didn’t sit well with her, considering that’s how she was conceived.

Monica Cannon-Grant must’ve read this because she immediately took to Facebook to once again victimize herself.

She’s acting like the reason Rollins isn’t “protecting” her is because she’s not respectable, she isn’t well liked in the Boston black community (most of her supporters are white liberal women from the burbs who don’t know any better and donate anyway), and Rayla is lighter skinned, hasn’t completely let herself go, and unlike her is a junior smokeshow.

And all of that is actually true. Elected officials should be afraid to associate with full fledged ratchets.

She made the post in reference to these horrific messages she’s been getting.

Oh no, they called her racist! Something she routinely does to completely innocent people all the time.

Except in this case the person who is being called a racist is in fact incredibly racist. How will she ever survive these truth bombs?

Hey Monica, I know you’re reading this so please listen up. I’m not going to stop exposing you. I know you’ll keep dismissing me as an irrelevant white supremacist blog, and pretending that I’m attacking you because you’re a black woman. But you and I both know that’s not true. I get that you have to do that because your entire grift revolves around the idea that you are an oppressed victim. I don’t blame you for trying to hold onto this amazing scam you’ve built in the last 3 years, but just like you I don’t back down either. The difference is I’m much more dedicated, I will not relent, and I’m in the right. You are severely outmatched, and this little blog is much, much more influential than you give it credit for. We’re just getting started and we haven’t even begun talking about your adult son’s proclivity for gun violence.


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