Raynham Farmer Selling $5 Prized Tomatoes To White People, No Charge For People Of Color And BLT-123 Community 


This is Charles “Chuck” Currie and Marie Kaziunas, the owners of Freedom Food Farm in Raynham.

Two years ago they won the much coveted best tomato contest in the state.

We already need to know everything we need to know about Farmer McPegger from the Bernie hat on his head, so it was hardly surprising that Chuck recently sent out an email announcing that he was selling his tomato plants to white people, but “BIPOC” and BLT-123 farmers would not be charged.

Pronouns in bio.

Every. Single. Time.

Attention all transgender, gay, black, Asian, Hispanic, and other non-clear people who don’t agree with the sexual reproduction organs they were born with – I will Cashapp you $2 for those tomatoes. Why would I pay $5 when I can just scrounge up a non-binary Puerto Rican and get them for free? Any white person who pays these people money for their tomatoes when they can just scrounge up a black guy and get them for free is an idiot.

The real reason he’s offering free tomatoes to black people is because he knows there won’t be any black people showing up at his farm in Raynham to get tomatoes. I would guess that 99.9% of his customers are white, which means he won’t be losing any money on this sad attempt at virtue signaling. Although it is funny to picture a black guy who hasn’t read this email showing up at his farm to buy food, then being told that it’s free because he’s black. Imagine how demeaning and patronizing it must feel to have some white guy from Raynham assume that you’re unable to feed yourself due to the color of your skin. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, more racist than a white suburban liberal. Nothing.

If only these people understood how pathetic they sound. They’ve never been around a black or brown person before, and they think that pandering to them by offering them free food (presumably because they cannot afford to pay for their own tomatoes) officially makes them one of the “good ones.” Give Farmer McPegger a call at 978-884-7102 and ask when you can get your free tomatoes. Just make sure you drop a lot of n bombs on the phone so he thinks you’re not white. Then when you go to pick them up and he notices that you’re white, just tell him that you were sent there by Monica Cannon-Grant to get her free tomatoes as a way to pay back reparations you owe her for being white. Or tell him that you’re gender non-conforming, experimented once in college with your roommate Mark, or swim in the lady’s pond, because they all get free tomatoes too.

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Gotta love Sara Rostampour (she/her) jumping in on the reply with some links to Vox articles and an “educate yourself on racism” edict when someone pointed out that this was textbook racial discrimination.

She looks like fun.

As funny as this is, it’s also what critical race theory looks like in practice. CRT teaches kids (and adults) that due to historical injustices against people of color, ALL white people are born with privilege, and the only way to alleviate that privilege and create “equity” is to give people of color free stuff in order to even the score. Sure, that completely ignores that not all black people are poor, and that some white people struggle to get by. But if you bring that up Sara They/Them is going to send you a bunch of Vox articles and tell you to shut up and check your privilege.


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