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Raynham Father Sean Flaherty Intentionally Crashes Car Into Easton Trump Store, Media Refuses To Report His Name


Yesterday some deranged lunatic terrorist, likely radicalized by the mainstream media and Elizabeth Warren, decided he was going to drive his car into a store in Easton that sells pro-Donald Trump gear and memorabilia. The video is insane and Trump Jr. tweeted about it.

He could’ve easily killed someone.

Images taken on the scene by Marc Vasconcellos show the driver’s license plate, the destruction he caused, a glimpse of the driver in an ambulance, and the anti-Trump bumper stickers on the terrorist’s car.

Make no doubt about it – this was on purpose. People don’t accidentally plow into stores in small shopping plazas in the middle of the day.

This store has been a target for years and finally someone acted on it.

Every single media outlet has refused to publish the name of the driver, despite the fact that he has been charged with reckless operation of a motor vehicle and malicious destruction of property, because the media wants you to pretend that terrorists like this don’t exist. But we will. Meet Sean Flaherty, a father of 2 who lives at 119 Ramblewood Dr. in Raynham.

Yesterday was his birthday.

Sean doesn’t have anything overtly political on his Facebook page, but the bumper sticker really says it all.

The M tattoo on his arm matches the bumper sticker on his car. Not sure what that means.

According to leftist logic whenever someone commits a politically motivated act of violence we have to immediately look to censor whatever media personality radicalized them. Tucker Carlson was blamed for the Buffalo shooting last month because the shooter believed in some of the same things Tucker did, and therefore Tucker had to be silenced.

Don’t worry though, all the people who have been telling you that Donald Trump is an existential threat to your safety won’t be censored because of this lunatic, largely because so many people are congratulating him for his crime and doing the whole “both sides are bad” thing.

Yea Carol, the store is the bad guy. Its mere existence gave the terrorist no choice but to drive his car into it because Trump bullied the terrorist. If Trump would just stop having differing opinions from her and Sean Flaherty then maybe they’d stop driving cars into stores.

And if you think the store owner is the bad guy here, he actually comforted the driver.

But yea, Trump is the bad guy, and the people who are so consumed with hatred and anger are just a product of his bullying.

*Editors Note* On the Live Show we interviewed an eyewitness who’s father was working in the store at the time of the incident. (32:00)


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