Red Sox Brag About Donating Money From Ticket Sales To Climate Change Corporation Run By Wall Street Executives And Tech Bros 


There are plenty of reasons not to give a dime to the Red Sox, but the lates is that they’re announcing that your money will be going towards a for profit company called “Aspiration’s Planet Protection,” to fight climate change.

Aspirations is a multi-billion dollar corporation initially funded by celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio and Robert Downey Jr. This is who John Henry is bragging about giving money to, as if it’s some sort of charity that’s going to save the planet, and not a way for Wall Street executives to use the false flag of “climate change” to enrich themselves. Apparently Boston doesn’t have any other charities in need of cash.

And just like anything to do with climate change, pretty much everyone on the board for Aspirations is a white person who previously worked for small businesses like Raytheon, Apple, Google, Disney, Uber, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, World Bank, Bloomberg, and ING Capital.

They really care about diversity though. Luckily black and brown people in Boston don’t need any help with anything so John Henry can send his charity elsewhere.

And oh look, Tim Newell worked for Tesla, who will directly profit off of their effort to get rid of carbon. People like Olivia Albrecht will be cool with that though because she can afford to pay for a $100K vehicle that has to be plugged in. Chief of Staff Erin Angerer seems like a totally unbiased, non-political hack too.

The Red Sox are part owned by LeBron James, who flat out said recently that the city was uniquely racist. No one else in ownership objected. They went along with the Adam Jones lie and paid for a huge BLM sign overlooking the Mass Pike. They did this while refusing to spend money on star players like Xander Boegarts and Mookie Betts. It boggled my mind why anyone would ever pay to see this team unless they were a Democratic partisan.

Newsflash – MLB hates you if you’re not a communist. I haven’t watched a game since they moved the All-Star game out of Atlanta because the elected government of Georgia passed a law that made it harder to fraudulently vote. The second they did that they were telling half the country that their values are so disgusting, and so revolting, that they couldn’t even play a meaningless exhibition game in a state that passed legislation that mirrored their values. They chose to not only pick a political side, they suggested that anyone who didn’t agree with them was evil and racist.

Then they allowed the World Series to be played there 3 months later, but whatever. Just keep giving money to rich people who talk about “climate change,” even if they don’t know the first thing about energy or how the environment works. You can trust that their motives are pure.


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