Red Sox Put Up A Black Lives Matter Sign And MLK Picture In GM’s Office During MLB Draft To Virtue Signal Wokeness 


The Red Sox posted this picture of GM Chaim Bloom during last night’s MLB draft.

What an insufferable, pandering, douchebag organization the Red Sox are. I’m sure the Martin Luther King and Black Lives Matter framed pictures were there two weeks ago. And the fact that they chose to use this shot, which only shows him in a small corner of the screen, had nothing to do with virtue signaling, pandering, or showing off his crooked framed pictures which were intentionally placed for this photo op.

Chaim Bloom looks like such a typical Red Sox management toolbag too. Him, Theo, and Cherrington are all interchangeable. It doesn’t get any whiter than them, and they all look like they just graduated from Northeastern with a degree in finance. They’ve never lived in a black neighborhood their entire lives, they work for an organization that employs almost no black people in upper management, and they overcompensate for this by going out of their way to make it look like they embrace diversity.

Here’s my question – if they embrace diversity so much then why did they trade away two of their best black players (Mookie Betts and David Price) for a white guy who was accused of being involved in a sexual assault, and isn’t very good at baseball either? Oh right, because Mookie wanted to be paid. And God forbid this woke organization pay one of the best players in baseball what he’s worth in order to stay in Boston. They only overpay white guys like Nate Eovaldi and Ric Porcello.

Then the Red Sox tweeted this out after Torri Hunter made up an unbelievable lie about white children calling him the n word in front of their parents 15 years ago at Fenway.

“Torri Hunter’s experience is real.”

No, it wasn’t real. No one actually believes that five kids yelled the n word loud enough for him to hear it repeatedly in front of their parents and no one said a word. The Red Sox don’t have the courage to call him a liar because they’re gutless and fear the blowback that they’d get for standing up for the fans who they steal money from every year. They need to believe they have a small handful of racist fans so that they can lecture these imaginary people about not being racist, because white guilt is so hot right now.

This all reminded me why I could care less if baseball comes back this season. The Red Sox suck on and off the field, and it’s a boring, dying game that refuses to get with the times. When you add on the pandering, the fact that they own the Globe, they did nothing to help with the COVID crisis, they’re insanely jealous of Bob Kraft and the Patriots, and their product is a Mickey Mouse version of a professional sports team, I probably wouldn’t care if the never came back again.


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