Rehab Nonprofit President Accused Of Giving Drugs To Patients They Raised Money For, Says TB Must Stop Investigating Him, Refuses To Provide Receipts While Flying First Class


Yesterday we published a blog about a Massachusetts nonprofit call The Good Project, which is run by local business owner Victor Oliveira and convicted criminal Michael Bates. Shortly after the blog came out Oliveira responded on his social media accounts, claiming to be the victim of bullying, alleging that our story was filled with lies about him misappropriating donated money, defending Mike Bates, and telling me to stop exposing him.

It should be noted that after the show we discovered a $35K GoFundMe he created recently for an unnamed homeless electrician.

He does not say who this man or where he is from, although 561 is a South Florida area code. He admits in the description that he was tagged in a post about the man, and he admittedly knows nothing about him.


He claims that he needs $35K for this man to “offer him a change at life.” He says that the money will go to his nonprofit, and that if the man they don’t know the identity of turns down their offers for help, or if there is remaining money, they will “SIMPLY GO ONTO THE NEXT CANDIDATE.”

This is an organization that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars, over a 3 month period. It’s being run by two convicted criminals, one of whom went to jail for lying about where money he raised would be going towards. We have heard from dozens of people who have donated to The Good Project on top of the $210K we know they received from a nonprofit in Missouri called Voodoo Misfits. There is seemingly no accounting for any of this money.

TGP uses people in crisis to promote themselves and collect more money. We received an email yesterday from a homeless man who was used in a TGP video to solicit more donations, and was promised a job that he never got.

Last summer I was panhandling in Tewksbury and Victor approached me offering full time employment. When I took him up I was offered one days employment and then he ghosted me. He put my videos all over TikTok, begging for donations for me and I never saw a dime (I’m not an addict just homeless).  A lot of people wanted to help and he said that people should buy his good box that he was selling and he would give five dollars from every box sold to me. I texted Victor for months asking for work as he had promised me, but he told me he didn’t have any. Meanwhile, he was still on TikTok looking for more homeless guys to work but I thought he didn’t have any work?

TGP exists primarily to promote TGP, and business has been good. They film themselves flying first class across the country, cross promoting with other content creators.


On last night’s Live Show at the 23 minute mark Victor Oliveira began to go Live on Instagram to address the blog about him. We called and spoke to him and he managed to make himself look much, much worse.

Here’s a much shorter video with the highlights of Oliveira lying and refusing to answer any questions:

To recap Oliveira:

  • Told me to come to his office to see him, but he won’t show me where the $210K in donated money went if I show up.
  • Had the opportunity to prove that we were wrong by showing that TGP spent all the donated money to help specific people receive drug addiction treatment, but refused to do so.
  • Lied and said that he sent receipts to Voodoo Misfits showing where his donated money went.
  • Said that none of the treatment was paid for by the state or insurance, but later admitted it was.
  • Said that Mike Bates doesn’t make a dime but was convicted of securities fraud, which he has never disclosed to his donors.
  • Said that Mike Bates is an invaluable member of his team because he sends encouraging text messages to their “projects.”
  • Said I need to get off social media and stop investigating him because we don’t do any good.

Mike Bates is not listed on TGP’s board of directors on the Secretary of State’s website, but seems to be the only other person involved with running the nonprofit.

At the 28 minute mark Oliveira said that Mike Bates does not handle any of the money. Yet here is a message Mike Bates sent to one of the people they lied about helping, in which he admits that he does “all the expenses,” and that the man they were pretending to help needed to stop worrying about how this was being paid for.

Bates also lists himself as the CFO.

The F in CFO stands for financial.

At the 1:07:30 a man named Steele Walker joined us. TGP received a $20K donation specifically to help him get treatment in a rehab facility. But that never happened. According to Walker:

  • He was dropped off at Vision for Hope, a group home in Weymouth that cost TGP $0 and provided no treatment for addiction.
  • Walker told them he didn’t want to be paraded in front of the cameras for content, but they did anyways.
  • On top of the $20K donation dozens of other people also donated specifically to help Walker get help.
  • Bates encouraged TGP followers to write Walker words of encouragement in an email as part of a larger data mining plot. Everyone who emailed was added to a list that began to receive spam emails soliciting more donations, and urging donors to share it with their family and friends.
  • They would not set Walker up with a bed unless he made a video saying they were good guys in order to combat negative stories about TGP that were spreading on Tik Tok.
  • Since there was no treatment and no rehab facility as promised Bates gave Walker prescription medication that he was already addicted to.
  • Barstool Sports podcaster Jersey Jerry donated $1,000 to TGP that he received from the sister of a man who died from addiction.

TGP may have helped some addicts with their recovery along the way, but that doesn’t excuse defrauding others. These are two extremely shady men who haven’t earned the benefit of the doubt to be taken at their word. They exploit vulnerable people to line their own pockets, even if they occasionally do help someone out. Because they’ve been promoted heavily by the mainstream media they are trusted and will continue to solicit more donations, which they announced last night.

Oliveira says that he is open to an investigation from the Attorney General’s Office, so here is a link to file a complaint, along with a suggested template for what to write.

TGP is taking in millions of dollars in donated money that they claim is being spent on helping drug addicted people get private treatment. They have been promoted by the media, which has led to potentially millions of dollars in donated money over a short period of time. Several people they claimed to have helped with treatment allege they were abandoned and never were brought to a rehab center. The treatment that was provided was either government subsidized or paid for by insurance. Several people who donated have asked for an accounting of where their money was spent and they have refused. TGP gave drugs to a man they were “helping” and forced them to participate in promotional videos they used to solicit more donations. A homeless man in Tewskbury alleges that he was used in promotional videos to raise money, but never received help or a promised job offer from Victor Oliveira. Perhaps most concerning is that Oliveira is a former drug dealer himself who has spent time in prison for trafficking heroin, and his partner Mike Bates went to jail for securities fraud. Here is a link to screenshots and further evidence: 

Lowell Landscaping Business Owner Running Drug Rehab Nonprofit Accused Of Pocketing $210K In Donations, Refuses To Show Receipts, Hired Convicted Criminal, Promoted By Media


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