Republican State Auditor Candidate Anthony Amore Sends Insane Email Accusing Opponent Of Banning Level 3 Sex Offenders From Women’s Locker Rooms


The only statewide race in Massachusetts that is anticipated to be close is the race for State Auditor between Republican Anthony Amore and Democrat State Representative Diana Dizoglio (Methuen). It’s not a sexy position that’s getting much attention, but the auditor’s job is basically to be a watchdog of the government itself, and in this state that’s kind of important.

Normally I would never consider voting for a Democrat, because I believe they should be punished for their behavior the last few years, but in this case I’ll make an exception.

Dizolgio won a contested primary in which her opponent received endorsements from the Massachusetts Teachers Association, which immediately makes her more appealing to me.

In 2017 the House of Representatives voted 116-43 to override Charle Baker’s veto and give themselves a 40% pay raise. Every Republican voted against it, but only 8 of 130 Democrats joined them in dissent. Dizoglio was one of them.

Personally, I like the idea of a state watchdog being the kind of person who doesn’t think politicians should give themselves a 40% raise just because they can.

Meanwhile, Amore is a proud RINO who’s been going around kissing Charlie Baker’s ass, and thus is the only statewide Republican on the ballot to get the outgoing Governor’s endorsement.

During Baker’s tenure he ignored major scandals in the State Police, and is the exact kind of politician the auditor should be watching over. Amore would protect people like him at all costs.

He brags on his Facebook page that he’s not “Trumpian.”

I understand that this is what you have to do as a Republican to get elected to statewide office, so I don’t fault him for distancing himself from Trump. But he goes way too far. This week Amore sent out an email to media and other Republicans that is the most pathetic attempt to pander to the left that I have ever seen. It starts off by trying to tie DiZoglio to a church in Alabama, which he alleged promoted gay conversion therapy.

Dizoglio became pregnant when she was 17 and chose life. She grew up in a Christian home in Alabama, and at this church she worked as a counselor for young abuse victims. She later moved to Massachusetts and became a card carrying liberal. In 2018 she voted in favor of a bill banning gay conversion therapy. For this scumbag to try to make her seem like some sort of Bible-thumping homophobe because of where she came is pathetic. He’s adopting leftist tactics by accusing his opponent of homophobia that isn’t even there.


It gets much worse though. Amore also accused DiZoglio of being a bigot because she voted in favor of an amendment that would prevent transgender level 2 and 3 sex offenders from using locker rooms that don’t correspond with their biological sex.


Ya got that? The Republican candidate is smearing the Democratic candidate for being opposed to male LEVEL 3 SEX OFFENDERS going into women’s locker rooms. This is who Anthony Amore wants to appeal to – rapists and other sex offenders who dress up like women and think this should give them access to watch real women get naked. He sent this email out to other Republicans thinking it would make her look bad!

He also accused her of being pro-life by quoting an anonymous person who repeated a second hand anecdote.

First of all, making up an unnamed source to tell a lie about something that never happened reeks of desperation.

Secondly, DiZoglio is extremely pro-choice, and has never taken a vote that would suggest otherwise.

I understand that to win statewide office in Massachusetts as a Republican you have to be pro-choice. But using the pro-life label to smear your opponent (especially when it’s not even true) so that Planned Parenthood will like you is the most pathetic form of pandering I have ever seen from a Republican.

But wait, there’s more. Amore also accused his Democratic opponent of supporting the Second Amendment, and opposing red flag laws that would make it easier for the government to take guns away from law abiding citizens.

“She claimed to be pro-2nd amendment.”

This is a Republican sending an email to other Republicans accusing a woman of being unfit for office because she supports the Second Amendment. I have no idea if she even does, since most of his email is filled with easily disprovable lies. But it’s actually a good thing to support the Second Amendment because the right to defend your home and family from bad guys is actually a good thing.

As for the the red flag bill, DiZoglio crossed party lines in 2018 to push for an amendment that would give due process rights to law abiding gun owners. Domestic abusers could go down to any courthouse and claim that their victims were suicidal, and red flag laws would allow the courts to take legally owned guns from these victims of domestic abuse. This would leave women defenseless against their abusers. DiZolgio supported an amendment that would’ve made it harder to domestic abusers to do that, and the REPUBLICAN is saying that’s a bad thing. He WANTS victims of domestic violence to be unable to defend themselves from abusers. Even the Rhode Island ACLU agreed with DiZoglio:

“We believe it’s very important that basic due process standards are considered when drafting measures like this,” he said. “It can have serious impacts on innocent individuals.”

Perhaps Amore feels so strongly about protecting domestic abusers because his ex-wife accused him of being one. Court documents show that she alleged emotional and verbal abuse, said he “shoved” her and also threatened “revenge,” according to the documents.

She also told the court she was concerned her husband owned a gun. A judge granted a temporary restraining order requiring Amore to vacate his family’s home and forfeit his gun to police.

This literally happened to him. He knows that red flag laws can easily be abused and he wants them anyway.

Prior to getting this email I was going to vote for Amore, or maybe even leave it blank, but now I’m voting for Diana DiZogolio and I encourage people of all parties to do the same. I am no fan of Dizoglio or any Democrat, and 99% of the time I’m sure that she votes for things I don’t like. But I am just so disgusted by this email and believe that Amore should be punished for it. It’s not even pandering and lying anymore – it’s outright betrayal of everything that it means to be a conservative. What is the point of getting Republicans elected to office if they’re going to take your guns and allow Level 3 sex offenders into women’s locker rooms? DiZoglio should be commended for being a sane voice in her party.

P.S. Here is Amore praising NBC’s Sue O’Connell of being of being one of the top reporter’s in the state.

O’Connell frequently interviewed Monica Cannon-Grant and elevated her status as a civil rights leader, but since Monica’s arrest and indictment on 18 counts of fraud in federal court O’Connell has said nothing. Amore thinks that this is what a “top reporter” looks like.

Even the Boston Globe has taken down their tweets endorsing Monica.


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