Revere Doctor Loses License For Posting Videos Of Patients On YouTube, Previously Suspended For Defrauding Mass Health With Suboxone Scam


A Revere doctor is in a bit of trouble for his public posts on social media.

Fox 25 NewsThe Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine has suspended the license of a doctor who’s accused of posting videos of his patients online. The Board alleges Dr. Randall S. Bock, M.D. posted video recordings on his YouTube channel without signed consent forms for 27 patients. Bock was a primary care provider who treated patients with Suboxone for various opioid-related addiction issues. During the Board’s meeting on October 10, members found Bock “poses a serious threat to the public health, safety, and welfare” of his patients. Bock has seven days to appeal the Board’s decision. 

At first glance I thought this guy was mentally unwell, what with the Warren Jeffs meets Steve Buscemi vibe he’s giving off on Facebook.

And the plethora of headshots he’s uploaded with the creepiest smiles imaginable.

Normally when someone who was recently arrested like this gets named in the media the first thing they do is shut down their social media accounts. Randall Bock is not one of those people. As you can see on his wide open Facebook page he has elected to carry on as if he’s not in the news for posting videos of 27 of his clients on YouTube without their consent.

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As you can see, he’s a conservative and doesn’t like big government. Yes in 2012 he was forced to pay $53,000 by the AG’s office for allowing drug addicted patients to essentially cut the line to get suboxone by paying an illegal $185 fee in cash, even though he was already being reimbursed for the suboxone by Mass Health (the taxpayers).

Randall Bock, M.D., was referred to the AG’s Medicaid Fraud Division by MassHealth, the state’s Medicaid program, for allegations of improperly taking an “administrative fee” of $185 from MassHealth members in addition to taking MassHealth reimbursement for opioid addiction treatment with the drugs Suboxone and Subutex. Suboxone is the brand name for the combination of buprenorphine and naloxone, an alternative to methadone that must be administered daily in a federally approved clinic setting. The demand for Suboxone treatment far exceeds the supply of physicians authorized to prescribe it in Massachusetts. Only about 2 percent of Massachusetts physicians are authorized. As a result, some physicians have taken advantage of this supply-demand imbalance by charging patients cash in addition to MassHealth reimbursement for Suboxone treatment. This practice is illegal.

The guy who rails against government waste was not only collecting money from the government, he was also illegally charging people to get subs so they could keep coming back to him for more.

The year before that he published an article complaining about doctors giving out suboxone to patients, particularly bemoaning the fact that it was free for those on Mass Health, because he argued that it didn’t help to fix them.

This free refill policy, aside from not helping beleaguered taxpayers, doesn’t even help this man’s addiction, by avoiding teaching any personal responsibility. The longest he has been free and entirely clean from narcotics, in the last 18 years, has been during a three-year episode in prison. Invariably, within a few days after any detox (or release from prison), he will restart narcotics,most often because he is “bored”.

The man who writes about how his moral and ethical opposition to government funded suboxone for drug addicts has been handing it out like candy for years and was charging an illegal $185 on top of that. It’s almost as if he was bitter about all the waste he saw around him and decided that it was unfair that he wasn’t profiting off of it too. It’s why he constantly posted stuff like this.

Then again in 2018 he had his license again suspended by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine.

In a Final Decision & Order, the Board reprimanded Dr. Randall S. Bock’s medical license after it found that he had fraudulently procured the 2013 renewal of his medical license by failing to disclose an investigation into his treatment of MassHealth patients by the Office of the Attorney General and for inappropriately “refilling” his office supply of Suboxone from patients’ prescriptions. The Board also imposed a fine of $5,000. Dr. Bock was licensed to practice medicine in Massachusetts from February, 1984 until January 22, 2014 when his license to practice medicine was summarily suspended by the Board.  Dr. Bock, whose license lapsed in 2015, maintained a general medical practice in Revere.

To review his medical history:

  • He had his license renewed in 2013 because he didn’t mention that he was being investigated for refilling his own supply of suboxone with his patient’s prescriptions
  • He had his license suspended in 2015 but kept his general medical practice in Revere
  • His license was suspended again in 2018
  • He was suspended again this week for posting pictures of his patients on YouTube

How many times are you allowed to have your license suspended in Massachusetts? I don’t know much how this process works, but the reviews are quite telling. According to some former clients he’s not only running a suboxone mill while ripping off Mass Health, he’s also made awkward sexual comments.

This guy awkward?

Ya don’t say.

Again, a normal person would lay low with complaints like this. Not Jonas Stalk though. He screenshots the complaints and writes rebuttals on his public Facebook page.

Let’s hope this hypocrite is never allowed to practice again.


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