Revere Woman Spends Money Raised From Heroin-Induced Flesh Eating Skin Disease On Weed, Clothes, Vaping Products, Despite Being On Mass Health And Disability 


This is Sabrina Rose Lewis from Revere.

Two years ago she was briefly mentioned in a piece written by NSTB after her name was brought up in an argument over who was the most spectacular ratchet in the land of Revere.


As you can see, it’s just a screenshot of a comment someone left, but a man named Randy came to her defense, vowed Internet deformation lawsuits, and claimed to be working on behalf of the City of Malden to have the blog removed. Despite the fact that  Sabrina Rose Lewis wasn’t really part of the story.

In August Sabrina posted a fundraiser from the hospital after excessive heroin usage led to the contracting of a flesh eating disease, despite the fact that her expensive surgery was covered by Mass Health.

The images of the disease ridden flesh were a nice touch of Revere magic.

While in the hospital she conducted a live show in which she put on a good show by putting on the tears, complaining that her best assets (“a nice set of t***s and a nice legs) were compromised by a flesh eating disease, and then magically her voice recovered at the end when she didn’t realize she was still recording.

She went live from her hospital bed, put on some crocodile tears for the cameras, whined that her two greatest assets were her gerber servers and junk in the trunk, and then when the nurse came in the room at the end she didn’t realize she was still filming when her voice miraculously changed for the better.


She shared the fundraiser dozens of times over the next few months before people began to get skeptical.

“Who really cares what it is for?”

This is a woman who is in the hospital in the first place because she’s a drug addict who spends money on heroin. But apparently the whitest of all the white knights, Jonathon with two O’s, wasn’t going to allow such legitimate concerns to be voiced on her fundraiser. Getting friendzoned by a woman who has probably done unspeakable things to acquire heroin is what rock bottom looks like.

Whist sharing the fundraiser Sabrina was also boasting about being clean and posting about all the things she was blowing the money on.

I hate to break it to you Sabrina, but if you’re still smoking pot then you’re not completely drug free. Pot is for adults who can smoke it without having it interfere with their day to day life experiences, not for Revere women with heroin-induced flesh eating diseases who start sketchy fundraisers.

Of course many a thirsty male was in her comments offering to help her out.

Craig Cordy looks so familiar. Where have I seen him before? Oh right, my inbox.

The Malden chapter of the Lollypop Guild sure has seen better days.

Then there was this post.

Trading in an addiction to heroin for an addition to keeping your eyebrows on fleek, and your gear “bomb,” is a productive step towards not dying, but it’s still fraud considering she said the money was for a lap top so she could enroll in online school and  “do something with my life.”

Just sayin.

Also, here she is bragging about how she gets disability from the self-inflicted injury.

Nevertheless, giver her your money.


Speaking of flashbacks, check out who she’s been hanging out with.

Who remembers Medford Pete? NSTB wrote about him several times after he was accused of giving vulnerable drug addicted women rides and access to opiates in exchange for….something. He also came on the live show and repeatedly referred to his reproductive organs as “my hog,” thus completing the two degrees of north shore ratchet separation.


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